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What does your 12 month old have in their cot??? Lock Rss


I am wondering what your 12month old bubs have in their cots when they sleep? My DS has nothing at all. He goes to bed with a blanket or sheet however I take it out before I go to bed as I am worried he will tangle it around his face as he moves so much in his sleep. What do others do???

Thanks in advance
He has nothing...

If I put anything in he will try to pass it through the bars or stand up and toss it over. This includes baby blankets (not cot blankets luckily), toys, comforters, drink bottle etc.

He sleeps in a bag and sometimes I put a blanket over him (tucked in, of course) if the back of his neck is cool when I go to bed...
My youngest is now 22 months but since she was born she's had a sheet and a blanket, I tuck them in tight and once she got mobile I put her in a sleeping suit for winter as she'd never stay under the blanket.

We gave her a pillow at 14 months.

Have never had a drama and the sheets and blanket is large enough that its well tucked under the mattress... she gets out but has never gotten tangled in it.

At 12 months I think they can pull a blanket off them and if they were distressed if they couldnt they'd soon cry about it. If you are worried try throwing a blanket over your bub while awake and see what they do.
Amelia goes to bed with pooh bear (comforter), and has blankets on her bed, although, not usually over her as she kicks them off. I put her to bed in a sleeping bag though. If I have anything else in with her she will play with them and not sleep!!!

Maddy sleeps in a sleeping bag. I tuck her under two blankets and a sheet, but she never stays under them! She also has a dolly and some material books in the cot... if big sis hasn't stolen them! I also have this toy that attaches to the cot side (high so not hazard to getting stuck), it helps fine motor skills. Maddy just loves playing in her cot and is often hard to get out of it!
Our DS has his blanket and sheet and as he just loved his wrap I have that in there with a knot tied in it. He snuggles up to it whilst asleep. No toys
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