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  5. i don't know what to do anymore.... PLEASE HELP ME

i don't know what to do anymore.... PLEASE HELP ME Rss

I am stuck.... thats the only way i can describe it. I have a 27mth old and a 16mth old and neither of them sleep through the night. My daughter(27mths) used to be brilliant at nap time and night time now she just screams and screams sometimes until she makes herself sick no matter what I do, unless i lay down in her bed with her untill she falls asleep and i have given into that because i am exhausted, my son(16mths) is really good at both nap time and night time.... he settles himself to sleep but he will not sleep through the night, he is up at least 2-3 times and will not go back to sleep until he has has a good suck on his bottle (and he drinks more milk at night than during the day sometimes over 400mls). And my daughter is up at least 2 times aswell wanting a bottle most of the time, she wakes up screaming until i hop back in bed with her.....

I am crying while writing this because i am physically and mentally drained! I don't want people to feel sorry for me I just don't know what to do anymore i haven't had a full night sleep in so long and I am getting to the point where i no longer want to function, even putting on the washing is ridiculously hard to do...

Does anyone have any advise that could help me???? Please i am open to anything!!!!

i have sent you a private message let me know if has come through as it said i was logged out or something when i sent it

U should get in touch with ur local community centre and get some advice. They can do group sessions and one on one.
I went with my son who was up atleast 7 times a night, while I was 3 months pregnant, very exhausting and I can imagine all that time with broken sleep is very draining.
If u can go see someone like that I would highly recommend it, they basically just teach u other methods to what ur doing and get ur kids back on track. I found it really useful.
Please just dont waste ur money on sleep experts! You know within u that u can do it on ur own someone just needs to give u a push and some good advice on which way to go about it.
Good luck, I hope everything gets better for u soon
Hi .. I had the same problem a few months ago with my 2, so I know what you're going through.

I know this won't fix it, but it'll help as a straigh away solution - get some sleep yourself however you can - get someone you know to babysit for you for a night or even a day and go and have some sleep. If you really absolutely can't do that, then take em both for a walk (or if that's too hard then take em to a field where they can run around and you can just sit and get some space).

Once you're feeling less exhausted look at getting them into a routine. It really helps. They get used to having meals at a certain time and doing things at a certain time. Any routine will work, as long as it works for your family it is a good routine. Write it up and stick it on your fridge and try to follow it as closely as you can. I know it can be hard to start with and you're probably thinking "as if", but it really does help after a few days and they get usedto it.

Ours is breakfast at 7:00, playing outside from 9-11, lunch at 11:30, story time and music till 12.15, nap at 12:30 (if they'll have one), playing in the afternoon, snack around 2:30, dinner at 5:30, bath etc till 8:00, then little guy goesto bed first at 8, and older one, dour daughter, goes tobed around 8:30. she still likes to be comforted at bedtime, but this way Ionly do it for 20 minutesuntil she goesto sleep, and its a nice quiet time together. I spend a lotmore attentionon the youngerone because he needs it, so it's nice to havea bit of timewith her by herself before sleep.

Then I either get to bed early myself, ifI haven't had much sleep for a while, or go and do some ofthe housework I haven'tgotten to dowith thekids around.

Good luck, I hope you get some sleep soon!

I don't know what state you are in, but if you are lucky enough to be in NSW then please get in contact with TRESILLIAN FAMILY CARE - RESIDENTIAL PROGRAM.

We lived near them and I knew a few people who went there with their kids. They were in a similar situation to you. They came out after 4 days, renewed, refreshed and with kids that slept through the night. (They even started to enjoy being a mother again)

Here is a web address. There maybe something similar in your state, perhaps call them and ask if there is one near you. It is worth the travel if its not too far.

Good luck and my heart goes out to you.

Georgia's mum.
I had problems with my son as he was refluxy and never learnt to sleep, would wake every 20 - 40 mins at night.

I spoke to Child and Youth Health and ended up starting with a 'day service' sleep help session.

This did not work so I ended up putting in to go to Torrens House, a house that has 24hr nurses that help you settle child over 4 days.

My son was the 'worst' they had seen and they sent me home understanding if I went back to old ways, but I stuck to all the advise and hubby and I would tag team at night to help settle. It took a good month, but my son is much better.

He still wakes several times at night but is learning to settle self until recently he started teething with molars and we have gone backwards.

Please contact your local child and youth health group. They are more than happy to help in these situations. Not sure where you are but I hope all states have something similar.

Goodluck! I hope things improve for you soon.

hey - ((((GBH)))) to you!

I have had 1 horrid sleeper & 1 brilliant sleeper.

My suggestion would be for the older one to maybe try her not having a day time nap! Put her to bed a little earlier in the night. With DS, i stopped trying to put him down for that day sleep, i just couldnt put up with the 'fight' anymore.

anyway, took away the day nap, gave him his dinner at 5pm & in bed by 6pm & he would sleep right thro until around 8am. it was like a dream!!

then when #1 is in a routine, you will be able to work on #2

One step at a time....
Hi. I went through a very similar situation with my reflux baby, whilst suffering from PND. Although I only had to contend with one child I was at my wits end so I can only imagine how sleep deprived, and possibly depressed, you are feeling. My heart goes out to you.

Please go to see your GP or Baby Health care Nurse to get a referral to a residential sleep clinic. If you are in Sydney, there is Karitane & Tresilian House but I believe ther are similar in each state. We went to Karitane and it was the best thing I did. I initally resisted it when my Doctor suggested as I felt like I was giving in to failure if I could not manage to get my child to sleep myself but all I can say is do it sooner rather than later. It helped in so many ways, you got some rest as the nurses are there to assist you or take over completely for a short time if they can see that you need the time out, there are other Mums (and Dads) in the same boat that you can talk with (you're not alone after all)as well as some group sessions to help you get some of your emotions out & some other ways to deal with situations.
It is not very expensive at all but the waiting lists are usually long. Your GP maybe able to help you jump the queue a bit if she contacts them directly.

It may not be the be all & end all but it certainly helped our family. To this day my 3yo is a wonderful sleeper.

Good luck & hang in there.
Hi! Firstly I would like to say, there is help out there!

Like some of the other Mums here I sought help through my GP (find one who is family friendly) and my local child health nurse. I got a referral to the ELLEN BARRON CENTER (up here in Queensland, its the same as centers with different names in other states). They help you establish a routine and get some much needed sleep!

Important note - You must go there with a willingness to try new things and to stick by rules that you set otherwise it won't work.

These centers have long waiting lists but if you ask to go onto the emergency list you can be called in within a couple of weeks!

I found the nurses at this center were great and helped with every aspect of caring for my daughter, in a very positive way.

Good luck on your journey to sleep.
I am so sorry to hear that you are going through this! The only thing that helped me with my childs sleeping was a book by Tizzie Hall called Save our Sleep, and lots of praying. I hope things come good for you soon.
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