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trouble with toddlers naps Lock Rss

im haivng real problems with my near 3 year old.. he wakes for the day around 615. and is horribly exhausted by 9. if im out in the car around 1130ish, hell fall asleep, and i let him sleep no more then an hour. but he wakes even more "feral" if im not out in the car, i have to have noone over at he house, so its just us.. so hes not out of control and just sits there quitely.. then i find if i go out in the car somewhere late arvo, its a real battle trying to stop him falling alseep.. i put him in bed at 730 and hes asleep by 8, so i guess hes getting 10 and a hald hours sleep at night.. that without a day nap though.. IF hes had a day nap.. hell wake before 530... yet some days i cant stop hisday sleep iff im out.. im dredding the next few weekends.. we have family dos to go to.. and hel fall asleep in the car later in the day..

ive no idea how to get him to sleep just thatlittle bit longer in the morning, or how to postpone the day nap.. is this just a phase as hes going thryu a growth spurt perhaps.. or cause of a enw sibling.. any ideas?
kinda have the same problem. my 2.3 year old (27 months) wakes up from her naps all crying and upset, its so hard to get her to have that nap too. generally I distract her with something but doesn't always work. I also sometimes have to put her into the car just to get her to nap. she sleeps from 8-9pm until 8-9am most nights but just goes crazy in the evening if no nap sad
[Edited on 04/08/2009]


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