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HELP-2yr old DS in and out of bed until asleep Lock Rss

I too come on here tonight to try and find some advice. My 3 year old WILL NOT go to bed. She usually does not have a day time sleep anymore and is so tired by 4:00pm, we stick to her routine (tea, bath etc) and attempt bed time at 7:30. The tantrum then begins and she is lucky to be asleep by 9:30pm!

Really running out of ideas. As I work full time I need to wake the kids (16 month old as well) at around 7:00am. Another tantrum begins then as well because she is so tired from the day before. By the end of the week we are all exhausted!

This has been going on for about 6 months now and she is NOT growing out of it. My two girls do share a room and once one starts the other one begins! Some nights I put Charlee in our bed to fall asleep but this is not even working now.

At the moment I have a really unhappy 3 year old every night and morning! Has anyone got any ideas for me?
i totally feel for ya. ive got the exact same problem with my 2yr old DS. Its a game to him, he laughs,giggles,plays and jumps on his bed. till he finally falls asleep. But im trying the sitting next to his bed and seeing how it goes.

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