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  5. 2 yr old daughter driving me crazy with daytime sleeps.. Don't know what to do!!

2 yr old daughter driving me crazy with daytime sleeps.. Don't know what to do!! Rss

I kinda feel a bit selfish writing this after reading other threads about trouble sleeping through the day & night... But I still need some advice, my DD just turned 2 on th 14th Jan & has been in a big bed since before xmas.. From the moment we put her in the big bed she wouldn't sleep in it through the day, so ended up putting her in the porta cot.. which worked for a little while.. she has now worked out how to climb out of the cot.. i have tried staying in her room till she falls asleep, which worked for a few days, till she thought it was a big game to keep mummy in her room.. so i am now at a point where i don't know what to do, as she won't stay in her bed or the porta cot.. She sleeps great through the night, no probs at all..

If she dosen't have a day sleep, she can get quite whingy & miserable by late arvo & so can I..

What should I do???

In my opinion, moving her to to the portacot has worked against you. She will be getting mixed messages. If you make the move to a big bed, then I'd stick it out - the not sleeping and getting out is quite normal, you have to teach them the new boundaries.

Its awesome she sleeps through the night, well done - thats usually the hard bit.

Do you put her down for a nap just after lunch? Even if she knows this is 'rest time' - regardless of whether she sleeps, it will help. There are a few things you could try. One is shutting the door and just letting her fall asleep where-ever. Another (which we used) is to discipline. As soon as she gets up, put her back in - be quick, firm and down to business. Its a battle of the wills, so the stronger you are and consistent with your approach - the more likely she will realise these are the boundaries and simply comply.

Anotehr alternative is she just isn't needing a day nap any-more which is common. You could try moving her night time sleep forward or even later and see if that changes any-thing.

Good luck, its a hard transition at this age.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Thank you so much for your reply & you have some great ideas's..
We have played out the battle of the wills with putting her back into bed over & over again & she usualyy wins this battle..
We have shut the door, but my clever bunny knows how to open the door, so everytime she gets up, she opens the door to come out..
And the thought that she doesn't need a day sleep anymore just dosen't seem like a good idea.. though I have been thinking if she got up earlier this might help..

So i've decided I'm going to settle her for a day sleep, give her a cup of milk, put some books in bed with her, so she won't have the need to get out to get them & putting a stopper on the door handle so she can't open it.. And hopefully she'll go off to sleep & if she dosen't at least she has had a rest in a quiet place..And just go with that..

Once again thanks for your help..

my dd went through this too, and to be honest, shutting the door on her didnt work, I had to build her up to shutting the door herself by saying, she will get some time without her brother etc etc. So that SHE had decided to go have some time alone yk?

even now (3) she needs a sleep sometimes, so about 1-2 times per week, she will fall asleep while reading books, or if she is really tired, sometimes Ill turn the telly on and she will fall asleep in front of it.

I know the constant struggles are hard, but maybe let her lead the way (through letting her think she has gotten what she wants) If she needs sleep, and is still and restful and quiet, she may just go on her own... HOPEFULLY for you smile
Opens the door - wow, what a very clever little girl.

Best of luck sweetie, I'm sure it will settle down soon and you will wonder what all the fuss was about.

: )

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

My daughter did exactly the same thing at the same age. She refused to sleep in her bed for her daytime sleep, but went to bed at night with no problems.

I eventually came to the conclusion that this coincided with her moving up to the Toddlers room at child care where the kids take their daytime nap on a mat, not in a cot (like the babies). She was (and still is one year later) happy to sleep on her flip out kiddie couch for her daytime sleep at home. Maybe you could try this instead?

Sounds like I am not the only one going through this. Since putting my DD in a big bed she will not sleep in there during the day, which means that she will ONLY fall asleep if I drive around in the car!!! I have made a rod for my own back, but this is the only chance at peace that I have during the day.

She usually has about 3-4 day sleep a week, which doesn't bother me as she goes down easier the nights that shw doesn't sleep in the day.

Another problem that we have is that she comes out of her room during the night and comes into our bed. This has to STOP. Last night was the first night that we brought her back down to her room and closed the door. This seemed to work (for now!) It doesn't really bother me that she sleeps with us, but I am due to have bub #2 in 6 weeks and it will only be trouble if we don't stop this now.

Good luck.
[Edited on 13/02/2008]

Melissa, NSW. Annika 17/2/06 & Thomas 16/3/08.

we too battle with this which amazes me cause at daycare she doesn't have a dummy or blankie and just goes to sleep..

On the weekends well, if there's a dummy lying around she will grab it and throw a tantrum when I take it away though we are in the process of getting rid of it.. we have to cuddle her to sleep or put her in the pram and leave her alone til she falls asleep. I'm wondering if it's seeing all the other toddlers going to sleep she just copies, unfortunately I can't replecate that but I wish I knew the magic to getting her to sleep in her bed during the day.. never had this prob when she was in the cot, every weekend I miss it..

Nights are ok, though tonight is really unsettled so far sad

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