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toilet seat and step stool or toilet seat with steps attached Lock Rss

Ok, i am trying to decide what to buy -

I have seen those disney ones that have the 3 step system - the potty, toilet seat with handles and step stool. Which i like.

Then ive seen thetoilet seats that have the stairs attached.

I don't know which to buy i was at first going to get a toilet seat and step stool then i was going to get the toilet seat with the steps attached and now that ive seen the disney princess one i don't know which to buy as i like the disney 3 step process one.

I have 2 girls and i do have one of those cheap potties. My eldest is 2 and i have been putting her on the toilet as she will go on there sometimes, but i have to hold her.

So which do you think is better?

I need to decide real quick but can't make up my mind

Kim, Townsville, mum of 2 girls

Hi Kim i have just done the whole toilet training thing with my 2 year old she has done so well im so proud of her i use one of the toilet seats that go under the big toilet seat and we have a stool in front of the toilet so she can do it all her self i think that works and we really didn't want to have to spend heaps of money on the whole 3 step one and she just wont use a pottie


I TT'd my daughter a few months ago, and we bought the seat that has the 2 steps and little handles on the sides. You lift up the toilet seat and the kid seat sits on the that. Emma loves it, and now puts her seat on the toilet, goes, and then puts her seat back. I'd be a bit worried with a step that it could posssibly slip? Just my thoughts. I got our toilet seat from Toys R Us (in Adelaide) on special for $25.

I found Ryan seemed wary of the toilet seat with the stairs attached as it would wobble and sway as he climbed it. I personally found the step stool and toilet seat worked best for him in the beginning when on the toilet. Now he just uses the step stool and no seat insert


Yep, the one with the step and handles attatched is definatley the way to go!
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