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Is my son ready for TT Rss

Hi all just wondering as I'm new to all this but my son turns 2 in a few days but lately he has been waking in the night and coming and telling me he is wet, I've been sitting him on the potty now for a little while to get used to it and also getting him to sit on the big toilet. He doesn't come and say wet during the day or if he needs to poop in just wondering if he is ready or it's too soon? Any tips or advice would be much appreciated
He sounds ready for training.
Every child is different. Some train older some younger.
You know when they are ready because they tell you.
Introduce the potty help set a schedule so they know when to hold it to. Eg: after eating, sleeping, etc
And see how you go.
My son is younger and is now on a schedule so he knows when potty time is and when to hold it. And he is getting better and better at it every day.
Good luck
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