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4.5yo with incontenence Lock Rss

My 4.5yo daughter started weeing her undies out of the blue about her 4th birthday. Have been to the docs who have ruled out UTI's, have also had an ultrasound which ruled out anything else. Docs said that it could be behavioural, and not to get annoyed by it. Unfortunately you try telling schools and BSC/ASC that!!!

She is due to start prep next week with BSC/ASC 3 days a week. She is not night trained yet (close though).

Any ideas on trying to overcome this little hiccup?
I think you answer is in the question. From what I have read is that a lot of children express their anxieties by wetting thereally pants. Are you sure she is entirely ready for this next step or has there been any other changes in her circumstances that would cause her to lose confidence?
The problem started about June 2015, about the time she turned 4. There were no changes in routine, nothing like that. She is more than prepared for school, and isn't showing any signs of anxiety. Even if I did hold her back another year at daycare, the school would then put her straight into Grade 1 in 2017, therefore she would miss all of Prep 2016.

We have tried positive reinforcement, reward chart etc. Am taking her to the chiro tomorrow to ensure that everything is good, and nothing is out of wack in that perspective.
My daughter used to wet her pants, not all the time but did have a few accidents in the day here and there and was wearing pull ups at night, often having a wet bed if she didn't wear one. She is also a VERY heavy sleeper so that didn't help. I started to worry a little as she was my third child and I hadn't previously experienced this problem. It was only about 6 months ago, if that, that this fully stopped. (About 6 years old.) I was told by child health professionals that you shouldn't worry unless this is happening after the age of 7. Only time it really needs to be looked into is if they are previously fully trained and then take a big leap backwards...this can signal a medical of emotional issue. Some children just take much longer than others. But I think the key is to not stress too much and don't make a big deal of it...all of a sudden the problem will just disappear one day smile

Some children may suddenly develop a need to go the bathroom very frequently, even though there is no infection. However, most of them tend to get better on their own. Anxiety experienced after age 4 might lead to secondary enuresis in children who have been dry for at least 6 months. Physical or sexual abuse; unfamiliar social situations, such as moving or starting at a new school can provoke anxiety in children leading to incontinence. I suffered this till I was almost 9-10 years old.
I would not suggest any negative way to handle it like a punishment, but at the same time parent should help kids to take responsibility for it. It is helpful for parents to expect a child to take age-appropriate responsibility by asking him/her to put wet clothes in the washing machine and to help in the clean-up.

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