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is my DD ready for TT? Lock Rss

hi there,
my DD turned 2 last month and im going to try start her potty training next wk but really have no clue how to go about it!

we have a potty for her and whenever me or DH goes she goes and sits on her potty and reads a book (very cute) she hasnt done anything yet. we try get her to sit on it before her bath but its like a 3 second sit then she just wants to get in the bath. she sometimes will tell me when shes done a poo in her nappy but not before, il ask if shes done poos or wees in her nappy n shel just say no poos (even if she has).

does it sound like shes ready to start or is to early??

i really want her to be out of nappies during the day before end as jan as im due for my 2nd DD then.

anyone have any helpfull tips or hints??
Doesn't sound like she's really ready yet, which doesn't mean you can't start trying, but it may take longer for her to get the hang of it. With my DD I wanted to give it a try, so thought I'd give it a couple of days, wearing knickers, asking every half hour did she need the toilet, etc but she wasn't showing any sign of getting it, so I stopped. Tried again about a month later and she got it.

I can see where you're coming from not wanting 2 in nappies, so give it a go, but be prepared to put it on hold if she doesn't seem to be getting it. It's not worth the stress of lots of accidents, just for the sake of not wanting 2 in nappies.
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