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My daughter refuses to poo in the toilet. I have no idea why and she wont tell me. I have tried treats such as kinder surprises, going to the park after a poo on the toilet etc..

But so far in about a month only 2 poos on the toilet and only because she'd started in her knickers and we rushed her to the toilet. She's now learnt to hide away and do it all before I find her.

HELPPP ideas? My other 2 wernt like this!!
my daughter was a shocker for this...went on for AGES!!!!

I found that if i saw her hiding away very quicetly...she was about to do 2's in her knickers, so i would take her to the toilet and read her a book to relax her....once we got her first poo in the toilet....i made a massive fuss and took her out for a special meal.

she still had the occassional accident but we got there...good luck!!!

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