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My 20 month old has decided she is going to start toilet training which is great. My question is does anyone know where I can buy size 1 knickers. Size 2 - 3 will just fall off her but I have never seen anything smaller. Any ideas?

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Have you tried Best and less? I have heard that they are good. I did find though that Kmart undies, in a 5-7 pack were a little smaller. As were the packs from Target. I think I have bought a gazillion pairs of undies for my dd, as she decided at a young age to TT, then changed her mind! roll eyes Also the terry toweling ones (while terribly daggy) are were alright at that age. Good luck!
I had the same problem with my son he has no bum lol i found that the Rio ones are smaller, i got some with thick elastic around the top they fit him perfect.
I got them from Kmart.
Thanks I'll try kmart and best and less tomorrow.

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Try some training pants from places like IGA and Best and Less they usually start in a size 1. Pumpkin Patch also sells size 1-2 undies and I found Aldi size 2s to be smaller then the norm. Boys undies with the thick waist bands although still huge in the bum also seem to stay up better on littlies.
I had the same problem with my ds. (He is now 4 and STILL in size 2-3!!)

For boys, target brand in the multi packs were the smallest, but I used the terry towelling training pants to start with. They are padded and "accidents" don't run down their legs! You can get them from kmart, coles, and best and less.
Hey mothercare sells undies in size 18months. Bit smaller than size 2-3.
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