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How often does your child need to go? Rss

Hi there. I have a nearly 3 yr old dd who I successfully managed to tt late last year. Since then she has been awesome and I really have no worries with her having accidents anymore.

However sometimes she needs to go wees every 10-15 mins and it becomes rather annoying, esp when I am busy or out and about as well as having a 14 month old to look after as well! She seems to do little bits at a time rather than one big wee!! I know she can hold on (as we found out recently after a rather lengthy car trip) but usually when she says she needs to go she won't shut up about it until we take her!

Does anyone else have this problem?
DD goes every few hours she is only just TT but has been able to hold since she was 2 or less. My friend mum gave me this tip for that problem watch there drink intake it may help.
That is excessive, possibly start going with her and stay with her making sure she sits there long enough. Sometimes my four year old starts jumping off and I tell her to sit back down and she does more, she probably goes every couple of hours, sometimes more often but no way every 10-15 mins.

Possibly there's a medical issue if this keeps up, like a UTI?
she is getting mummies attention can she not go on her own? maybe she is not getting it all out?
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