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TT is exhausting!!! Lock Rss

I have survived day 2 of TT my nearly 3 year old dd. We have had success today in which she has done 1 poo and about 3 wees on the toilet with 2 accidents. However she is asking to go to the toilet every 15 mins or so (sometimes every 5 mins)..all day! Obviously she doesn't do anything everytime but because I don't know, I feel like I have to take her just in case and its been very draining. Its almost like its a game for her and am hoping the novelty will wear off but on the other hand I should be thankful she is willing to sit on the toilet! I also have a 1 year old son and I feel sorry for him as he hasn't had any attention! Its got to the point this evening at 5.30pm after she had her bath that I put her nappies on her as I couldn't bear taking her to the toilet anymore (she doesn't go to bed until 7.30pm). But...bless her, she still asked to go and actually did a wee!!!!

She is in daycare tomorrow and originally I was going to keep her home while we were still in training but they insisted I still bring her in as they are more than willing to keep the tt going. I can't imagine her complying like she has been with me at home but I guess she has to get used to using the toilet there as well.
I have heard a few stories where the child has been perfectly TT at daycare but still not quite there at home, maybe because they see other kids going all day? I don't know, but you are definitely doing the right thing still sending her...
TT is hard work. It drove me nuts. I TT DD1 just after she turned 3. We'd had several attempts prior to this one. DD1 is a stubborn pig headed little so and so (bless her cotton socks) and it took ages. It is worth it. There were times that I just wanted to walk away.... thats when I got my mum in and went out for an evening (I leave at 7pm and DD2 is in bed & DD2 is in bed by 8).

I took DD1 to daycare, with plenty of clothes, and we had a few accidents, just like at home. They do get there. before you know it she'll be taking herself to the toilet and you wont have to ask her. It just kind of happens and you think 'whoa.... thank god thats over!"

Good luck and keep perservering.
I totally understand. I am on about day 10 of toilet training with my 2 and half year old. First couple of days went well, but now it seems to have turned into a game especially when it is time to go to time out. As soon as I tell my little one that he has to go to time out, he's is suddenly busting to go to the toilet (little smarty pants). It drives you mad, but i guess you just have to keep struggling through and like everything with kids you wake up one morning and think when did he get toilet trained and there is a bigger and better battle just around the corner haha. But if you give up then all the effort is for nothing as you are back at square one. Keep up the good work smile
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