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Foreskin care of 3 year old Lock Rss

We have recently toilet trained our 3 year old boy & have been noticing a bit of a white discharge(?) on his undies at times.I think it is simply the lubricating oils under the foreskin releasing.
He is fit & well & the only other thing is he tends to hold on 'til he has a wet spot on his undies or just doesn't make it to the toilet in time. I understand this is not unusual behaviour in boys. He does get to the loo in time a lot as well. No problems in the "number 2's" department.
Hubby is circumcised so foreskin care is a new thing for us. Anyone with boys have experience with this? I don't want to put our boy through a doctor's exam of his penis unnecessarily if this is just a normal thing.
Any other tips on foreskin care would be appreciated.
Hi RobbieG,
My boy is 2 1/2 and I have never seen any white discharge. I encouraged him to push the skin back to wash his doodle in the bath one day and Since being toilet trained and not having a nappy on he plays with it at any opportunity that he gets anyway, so he is keeping it clean himself.

Hi our boy is 4 and we only started showing him how to pull back and clean as I was told to wait untill a boy turns 4. Hubby is also circumsised so this is also certainly new to us as well.
you were also telling us about the wee in his jocks because he holds on or sometimes doesn't make it to the loo. Well our little one is the same. Most of the time good but sometimes he will just hold on forever and then there apears a wet spot and so on.
So you are definitly in the same boat as many others.
As for the cleaning, I was advised 4 years old but you might want to ask your GP. As lond as water and a little bit of baby soap is used
I thinkl that is all that is needed.
Take care
Kind regards
Hi Robbie

I had to take my son to the doctor a couple of weeks ago because he did end up with an infection - we've just started TT too so I think some wee probably got trapped from him trying to hold on. He's 2yrs 9m old and the doctor told me just to be really gentle and pull it back in the bath so it just gets a quick clean in the water. My son's seems to come back quite easily so I'm pretty sure it's already seperated - the other mums here are right, you can do a lot of damage if you pull it back too early. As horrible as it can be, if he's still having some discharge I would get it checked by a doctor. Our doctor was really good - he didn't touch my son at all, I just had to pull his pants down so the doctor could see how severe it was. I know this is an old post and I'm sure you've got it all sorted by now smile

Take care

Hi RobbieG

My son is 1 and a half and I was told by the docters that you should not encourage your child to pull back thier foreskin until they are 4 years of age because it can acctually get quite infected and it is not normal, They say you should encoruage them to wash it but not on the inside. I would talk to the docter, not have an examination, because you will probably find they will know what it is without looking at it and they will only examine it if it is nessisary.


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