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My 3 year 3 month old dd still wears a nappy to sleep in the day and night, because she almost always wakes up wet. What I'm wondering is, do you wait until you get dry nappies to move to undies, or do I need to "train" her by taking her out of them??I've talked to her about getting up and going to the toilet if she needs to at night, but she doesn't do this. Any advice much appreciated.


Hi, we waited until DD had dry nappies at sleep times. I think she was around 2 when out of day sleep nappies (tt at 20 months) and was 2.5 when we night trained. By then she was going 5-6 nights out of 7 with a dry night nappy so she was showing us she was ready. I don't think night training is something you can train (unlike day time) as their body needs to produce a hormone (sorry can't remember name) to control the amount of wee their body produces.
goodluck for when it happens!!

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