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Living in brisbane, needing babysitter... Lock Rss

Hey girls,

I have just moved to the northern of Brisbane and my husband and i have decided we would like to start hiring a babysitter once every month for a few hours on a weekend night so we can have a date night smile
i have looked around on the web but i seem to only have found agencys that require joining fee ect.
Is this what other mothers have joined to find a skilled babysitter or??

i just dont know where to start smile

what would i expect to pay per hour approx to?

Any help would be very much appreciated smile

Thanks girls and big hugs to all of you smile xo
Have u got any teenage neighbours who may be looking for extra money that you could give a trial too?
Do your children go to a kindy, a lot of the younger staff are always looking for extra money?
Any work colleagues have teenage children who might want some work ?

Just trying to give you some ideas, a friend of mine was desperate and put a poster in the local community centre notice board asking for a mature lady, she figured she would vet the people and obviously get references and she ended up with a retired nurse who she still uses 2 years later????
Hey there smile

ummm i live around a bunch of retires, i haven't got a job and my son is not in daycare as yet, but thank you smile

I do like your friends idea for notices up on a community board tho, might have alook around the local to see if they have one.

What a great lot of suggestions, thank you again smile

If anyone reads this and lives in Brisbane that knows of a babysitter that i could hire once a month for a few hours on a weekend night, please PM me to smile

cheers girls xo
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