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Routine Routine Routine!!!!!!!!!!!! Lock Rss

I have a 2 1/2 yo who is driving me a bit crazy. She absolutely refuses to have a daytime sleep even though she still needs it. When I try after lunch at about 12ish she wont go down and screams and the like, then at about 3-4 she wants to have her daytime sleep and of course that is too late so it takes everything to try and keep her awake, then any little thing will set her off. When she doesn't have a sleep she will be in bed by 6:30 - 7, then wakes a few times crying but she wakes really early 4:30. Then is she does end up sleeping during the day she won't go to bed till after 10 sometimes even midnight... I am at my wits end about what to do. Are there any other mums out there with this problem? I know that it all has to do with routine but I have no idea where to start. Can anyone give me some advice. I forget to mention that I also have a 12 month old so that makes it a bit harder too.
hi. i have a 3 yr old and a 16 months old. i am a big routine person so my children have always had a decent routine. a good way to start your routine is to put in on paper. make meal times, play time, sleep time etc the same everyday. obviously things wont get done at the exact time every day but try to make things as regular as possible. this is our routine-
around 6:00am -they wake up
6:15am breakfast
9:00am morning tea
12pm lunch
1:00pm sleep or rest time...(DD doesnt always have a sleep but she still has to have quiet time for at least 30 min)
3:00pm afternoon tea
6:00pm dinner
7:00pm we clean up and have quiet time
7:30pm bed time

what we do in between meals and sleep varies but usually outdoor play before morning tea and after afternoon tea. the rest of the day is free play or we do puzzles, play dough and arts and crafts.
before nap time and bed time make sure your DD has half an hour to wind down. have some quiet time on the couch with her or read her a couple of books. like i said, my DD doesnt always have a day sleep but she lays on her bed for at least half an hour. she also gets tired at around 4pm if she doesnt have a sleep so thats when outdoor play works really well for us.
hope this helps, good luck

i had a similar problem with my son at around that age...they still need a little nap or they get soo grizzly in the late afternoon and your walking on egg shells arounds them. i used to take my son for a quick drive around the block so he would nod off, or be in the car driving home from the shops/appointments/friends house etc around lunch time. of course that couldn't always be done.
my boy stopped having nap's around 2 and a half...he is now 3 and a half and i try to have an easy morning inside with puzzles, art, the shopping etc, and real active play in the afternoon leaving enough room to settle down and have quiet unwinding time in the evening with a book/bath and a quiet dvd. he is in bed by 630 and sleeps through til 830 but it took me a longgggg time to get the routine i wanted.
perhaps if she doesnt want a sleep during the day she could watch a dvd n lay on the lounge for awhile..this still rests her body and gives quiet time..worked for my son, we still do it.

Danni, WA,

This sounds like my 16 month old DS atm! He will have an hour nap about 11ish, then want to go back to sleep at about 3-4pm! If I dont put him down, he is a nightmare, really whingy and wont eat his dinner!!!

Not sure what to do, but Im sure he will snap out of it soon enough. No point in me getting stressed about it.

The fact that you also have a 1 year old must make it more difficult for you. ((BIG HUGS)) to you...

thanks everybody, i have changed a few things in our daily routine and it all seems to be going great.

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