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Two year old with extreme dietry requirements Lock Rss

Hi everyone
Hoping i may be able to get some help or suggestions for what to feed my two yo DD. I had her allergy tested last week and turns out she is extremely intolerant to wheat, soy, dairy, lactose, rye, corn and citrus. She also has a less severe intolerance to rice amoung other fruits and vege. I am struggling big time to find anything that DOESN'T have at least one of the above in it. I'm hoping someone has experience with the same dilemma and can offer some helpful suggestions. I have bought a number of things from the health food section at the supermarket and have tried goats milk (is there an alternative that can fully replace milk for under 5yo other than goat milk) and "special" bread but my 2yo dislikes EVERYTHING i put in front of her and as a result has opted to not eating sad i have a dr appt this week to further discuss my options for her but thought i would see if anyone else can help also? I am struggling big time i just want to see my baby feeling better and not suffering from excruciating tummy pains but i don't want to see her starve either sad Any help would be very much appreciated... thankyou smile
Oh my what a difficult situation. Slightly different situation but I have a child who's extremely picky (at 18 months he had about 5 foods he would eat in total and they were all white in colour!). He refuses most foods we give him and I've been told that no healthy child will starve themselves. They may go a day or two refusing to eat but it won't hurt them and eventually their hunger will kick in enough that they will eat. Doesn't make it easy though.

No idea what doesn't have those foods in though. I'd be seeing a GP asap. Also after eliminating them I'd slowly be trying to introduce them back one by one and watching for which one is causing which reactions as that'd be a horrible diet to have to live on if it were life long so Id want to be pretty confident I knew what good group caused what problem.
I had similar problems with my son in his first 10 months, he was formula fed and couldn't keep any down. Turns out he was allergic to vitamin B12 (Folate). But for some reason its only folate in dairy foods, he isn't lactose intolerant though. It took us a while to find a formula that had only a tiny amount in it and by the time it really mattered he was on cow's milk anyway. He's mostly fine now but can get a bit sick with certain yogurts high in vitamin B12.
You could grate vegetables that she isn't allergic to and tell her its pasta as an alternative to wheat based grains. Mince is a great source of protein and fat instead of chunkier meats. You could look into vegan and vegetarian diets. You could talk to her doctor about maybe using unsweetened coconut milk or buttermilk.
You could try going to a dedicated health food store. Its a bit more expensive but if you take in a list of allergies, they should be able to help out with finding foods your daughter can eat. Take her along to try some of the foods, they might give you some samples so you aren't buying things she wont eat.
Good luck, I hope you find this helpful.
Geez! That's really tough Hun!

Like Buste_Xx said, I'd be going to a good health food store. You might even have to try a couple, but some of those people are amazing and would be able to give you alternatives to try.

Hopefully the doctors can give you a solution to help her become more tolerant.

What about some quiche or vege fritters made using rice flour. Not sure which veges she can have but you can put almost anything grated in them.

Thankyou for your help... thats a really good idea to introduce each one separately in time and see any reactions from each one... ill definitely try that. Hopefully it is only temporary for her. Our GP and naturopath want to put her on a 5 month programme to repair her tummy and biome as she got a parasite in her tummy that has caused all sorts of problems for her the poor little thing. Hopefully once her tummy is better and her immunity is back up she should become more tolerable of everything again... GP thinks 12-18mths of this strict diet.

Vege pasta is a great idea... she is obsessed with spaghetti and i stood at woolies and read EVERY packet the other day and there is NONE that she can have (not that i could find anyway). I'll definitely give the health food store a go and take in her list. I am finding it is all a pretty expensive transition (a box of 10 little fruit bars cost me $8 the other day and i got "i don't like that mummy. yuck" lol) but at the end of the day her health is more important than money so I'll keep trying anything until we find something that fits. If they do samples that would be EXCELLENT!!!

Quiche i will definitely try.. thank goodness she is ok with eggs... she does however have an intolerance to rice so that would include rice flour hey? I'll have to see if there is an alternative flour that is wheat, soy, rice, corn

Ohhhh it's definitely a challenge but we will get there. Thanks so much for all your help smile
You could even make a batch of fruit bars, muesli bars etc and get her to help. Sometimes kids don't like things unless they do it themselves.
My son wont eat tomato unless he has pulled it out of my half-eaten sandwich.
Also instead of using dough or pastry for quiche just put the ingredients straight into a muffin tin with a bit of oil spray. It's healthier and eliminates the wheat, rice, soy and corn type flours.
Buste_Xx wrote:

You could grate vegetables that she isn't allergic to and tell her its pasta as an alternative to wheat based grains. Mince is a great source of protein and fat instead of chunkier meats. You could look into vegan and vegetarian diets.

For young as this , is it advisable to let her feed mixed veggies and fruits that is processed like juiced? cause my children and nieces have difficulty eating veggies and fruits, i wonder if its juiced, its more easier to take and drink. I just mixed leafy veggies, sometimes with carrots or apple and orange in a slow juicer ..
try it too..
I will definitely be trying all these things ladies thankyou for all your suggestions... they have given me some great ideas on where to start.
Ill definitely do the juices too i have a juicer and she loves them.. especially in summer smile
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