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What do they eat? And when? And how much? Basically, can you give me a day in the life of your child food-wise from breakfast to bedtime? Thanks!
That's exactly why I'm asking mummsy as she eats like a sparrow and seems to be so disinterested in food!!
B'fast- 2 weetbix that she never finishes and maybe 3/4 spoonfuls of cooked apples
M'tea- offer crackers or banana, mostly refuses. Has milk (bottle) before nap
Lunch- 1/2 sandwich or porridge, or yoghurt or toast seems to pick at it rather eat it.
A'noon tea- not interested at all!! Has another bottle before nap
Dinner- has her own food that I've cooked for her early, not much of, then sits with us and eats off my plate when we have dinner, again not much.
Bottle before bed.
Water throughout the day
I'm not toooo stressed over it as I guess she only what she wants and she is so adamant when she's had enough she shoos the spoon away or drops the food on the floor! I just wondered if it was enough and that hunger may contributing to her terrible sleeping at night??

Eta- I would be over the moon if my dd ate as much as your ds!!
It's been a while since I had a 1year old but do you think she is drinking more milk than she needs?

DD2 refused formula or cows milk and at about 14months was only having 1 breast feed before bed. (DS was similar). I made sure she had lots of calcium in her diet and drank heaps of water.

Could be totally wrong. Just an idea smile

Mr J (April 2005) Miss Z (Feb 2007) and Miss O (Oct 2010)

Hi, my 15mo's schedule is below:

7am 230mls cow's milk
8am breakfast -usually oatmeal (5tbsps) with puréed vege (peas/pumpkin/carrot/ celery etc) and protein like milk/ cheese/ chicken. Sometimes oatmeal & yogurt or Birscher Muesli or Pancakes or French Toast. All of this is followed by fruit for dessert
9:40 Snack- 60-120g of fruit or a couple bites of mom's oatmeal or toast with peanut butter smile
12pm Lunch - Quinoa or millet & barley with vegetable stock, mashed veggies, a little chicken/fish/pork/ an egg (only one a day) Or an omelette, some of mom's sandwich or salad when out as a treat, Fruit
2:40 (if awake) Sometimes a Snack - fruit/ steamed veggies like carrot or broccoli or peas
5pm Rice porridge with white & black rice, vegetable stock, different veggies and protein from lunch, Fruit
6pm 150mls milk

He is walking so he is lean, tall and healthy. The sheer volume he takes in is amazing, sometimes more than what I eat lol! No oil or salt in his meals but he gets some when he eats some of my food. He likes herbs and pepper.
OK well Joey is a rather big eater, you wouldn't think it though to look at her, she's rather tall and thin. But here's a day for her when she's in full throttle.

She get's up at around 9am and has breakfast which is usually 2x Vitabrits and Pureed Pear/Apple. Someday's she'll have eggs and toast instead of her cereal.
10- 10.30 She'll have a piece of toast and maybe a rice cake.
11.30 she has lunch which is normally leftover's from tea either a casserole or Some sort of meat and veggies. Then she'll have a serving of yogurt.
Bed at 12 for a nap.
2pm she'll have half a sandwich, sometimes some more yoghurt or some pureed fruit, and she'll go to the pantry asking for a rice cake or something most of the time also.
4-4.30pm She's wanting tea which is either meat and Vegg, Spaghetti or a Casserole of some description. And she always has room for her rice pudding afterwards.
Then she's in bed by 6am.
Drinking water all throughout the day, doesn't drink milk at all she wont drink it any more.
I feel like I am starving DD too, but she just won't eat anymore!!

Im also having trouble getting her to eat a variety, but thats another threads story..

DD has
Breakfast: 1.5weetbix and 100ml 'tea' about 50/50 milk and tea
Snack: biscuit or an apple, will sometimes eat it, sometimes not.
Lunch: Bowl of fruit, sometimes with soy yoghurt, sometimes with bread but will only eat 1/3-1/2 the bread
Bottle (150ml milk + 30ml water) before bed
Snack: biscuits, crackers, sometimes fruit, occasionally some cheese (only a very small amount) might finish the rest of her apple,
Dinner: Bowl of half pureed vegies and potatos, couple pieces of salad, maybe some pasta or rice. She never has any dessert...
Bottle (150ml milk + 30ml water) before bed

I have started letting her feed herself at dinner, she doesn't seem to eat a huge lot, about 1/3 amount of what she used to eat when I would feed her. Its hard letting her control how much she eats, and coming up with some healthier options rather than shapes or crackers, especially as she doesn't seem to eat anything i make for her. But will get there..

Anyways, just wanted to say your not starving your little one, she is just a small eater smile

Wow, some really big appetites! I'm surprised such little people eat so much, I thought my 22mth old dd ate a lot, but not in comparison!
Breakfast - piece of toast. On weekends or school holidays when I'm not so busy getting older kids ready for school I'll do porridge for her, usually about 1/2 cup with some yoghert stirred through to cool it down.
Lunch - 1 piece of bread, 3-4 finger sized chunks of cheese, price of fruit.
Mid afternoon snack - 3-4 small crackers, piece of fruit
Dinner - 1/2 cup total of veg/rice. Smetimes a few tablespoons of some kind of meat, depending on what leftovers are in the fridge from the previous nights dinner.
She'll also drink around 300mL of milk total throughout the day.
Its hard to know how much they really need...but surely you're little one would be eating if hungry?? Not sure how you can make them eat anything more, other than maybe leaving a lunch box of good snacks out for them to help themselves?

My DD is 21 months and pretty much inhales her food...she eats just as much as her 3 year old brother! Her day is usually similar to this:
Wake around 6:30, have half banana or some berries to keep her happy til breakfast
7:30-8 Breakfast time 1 1/2 weetbix or big bowl of porridge/quinoa with fruit Sometimes followed by a piece of toast...once a week has eggs or pancakes
12 noon is lunch. Sandwich or cold meat and salad, pasta with vegie sauce, vege pikelets, scrambled eggs etc
Dinner is at 6pm, has whatever we are having and never leaves anything on the plate.

Snacks are usually fruit, yoghurt, cheese, cruskits, crackers and avocado dip, muesli bar, biscuit etc
Has 150ml of milk before bed which is stopping next week and she will have dessert instead. Fill her water bottle up at least once a day...probably twice a week has some juice (at Nannys place smile ) and absolutely loves smoothies or milkshakes.

Good luck, hope you find a solution
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