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I don't see a problem with it. My boys love taco's and wraps. Can't remember when they started eating them but you'd give a 2 year old a sandwich, why wouldn't you give them a soft taco?
my kids love them too! it isnt weird its great! and now that my kids are a bit older they love making them themselves smile smile

Hahaha - the soft tacos had only just come out when my DD was about that age but I was too much of a stickler with the original tacos to change over - they used to LOVE taco night so we had it at least once a fortnight - they used to drop everything out of them then just eat the bits off the plate with a spoon!!! (Still do actually...)

YUMMO Tacos - might have them tomorrow night for dinner, or nachoes so I don't have to keep making theirs and can all just enjoy our dinner


DD has been having them since about 1 she love eating the shells and cheese barely even touches the meat.
i normally mix the cheese tomato and meat together and serve with a bit of cous cous. my son isent a big fan of the shells but loves this combination. i think the taco seasoning is a little to salty also so the cous cous dilutes the sauce alittle.

Why wouldn't you feed them taco's if they enjoy them. Both my girls have eaten and loved them since they were 2, all the more because we use the shells and let them make them themselve, very messy but fun smile.

This guy at work wouldn't happen to have no children by any chance? Sometimes people without children don't really know about how quickly children develop. Probably still thinks 2 yo are eating baby food laugh.
For something differnt (although if he already loves it, why change), your could make a:


Half fill the soft tortilla with grated cheese and cooked meat (chicken is good).
Fold in half and pan fry in a little oil on medium heat till the cheese is melted.

Its delicous! And fine with just cheese and cut into quarters
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