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3 yr old won't eat sauces Rss

My 3 year old won't eat anything with sauches or toppings on it - even butter on bread! She is also not a fan of liquid foods like soup. She has a good varied diet but I want to extend what she eats so we don't have this issue for life! I usually give her the same contents that I have in my meals but without, say, the sauce on the pasta. I have tried putting sauces on the 'side' for dipping but she won't have a bar off it! I have not wanted to get too tough it to date as she is so good at eating what ever is put in front of her - minus the sauce¬

Has anyone got any tips?
One thing really helped with our 27 months when we had this same problem:

I started to serve food directly on the plate and made all three plates exactly the same (his was a bit smaller though - I used the dessert plate). That way I could serve pasta with sauce and cheese on top with a little side of salad or rice with curry in the middle or other similar meals. He was so happy to have a "big boy" portion on a real plate that he never complained.

I have since discoverd that once things are actually on his plate and not in the pan, he will usually taste them. I have noticed that he will have a try late in the meal when we are "not" watching... He has since developed a love for satay sauces and also tomato bolognese.
My 3 year old likes bread "with nothing on it" and pasta the same. Sometimes we let her have it, other times I make her sandwhiches with the crusts taken off as she wont eat them and wastes more of the sandwhich than if I cut them off. With the pasta I will give her normal dinner first (so pasta with the bolognaise sauce on & cheese on top) and then when she eats that she can have pasta "with nothing on it" smile

Its probably just a phase, they can be pretty particular about what they eat. Keep offering new foods but at this stage I dont think you need to stress about it being an issue for life. Sometimes the harder we push the more they dig their heels in.
I guess I can not help with your problem.
How To Make Szechuan Sauce
However, I can advise a great recipe.
I like to cook. And I think you should also make this sauce. Your family will love it.
It is very tasty and simple.

4 cups lingonberries
1?2 cup water
1 cup sugar
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