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daycare.. who's in the wrong? me or them... Lock Rss

my son is 2 and a half and drinks water by the litre. i actually went as far to get him a blood test to check for diabetes.. nope.. all clear.. healthy as..
i fill his juice bottle (water) between 20-30 times a day.. he loves his water.. i think its partly a comfort thing partly he is a thirsty boy..

at his daycare i told them heres his juice bottle as he isnt to good with cups.
every time his bottle comes home un touched. i asked them why and they said they use cups for morning tea luch and after noon tea.. and they help him and other kids who arnt to good with cups..

i said ok and i told them he drinks heaps and he has been checked for diatbetes etc..
i still want him to be able to carry his juice bottle around all day at day care like he does at home but they seem a bit funny about it..

should i be putting my foot down and say look he needs it with him all day and please refill it with water when its empty?
or should he do what other kids do and drink at meal times only..

i really dunno!!!!!!! i need advice badly!!!!!!!
i think with daycare, what they do is try to encourage them doin things 'properly' like drinking out of cups instead of carrying a bottle around all day not that there is anything wrong with it imo. my son used to do the same but with a baby bottle so i started putting a stop to that. i have noticed that he drinks a lot less now but isn't dehydrated or anythin. i really do think it is a comfort thing more than anythin. but if u feel strongly that u want him to have it than stress to them that he is your son and that's what u want to do. if it doesn't seem to bother him than maybe let it go. maybe give it a go at home and see how he reacts to it. if he fights u for it than i would put my foot down coz it's possible he would react the same as at daycare. if not than i wouldn't worry too much. sorry if i'm not much help. my son also doesn't only drink at meal times. he comes and asks me for a drink when he's thirsty
thanx for ur reply.. i think i'll talk to his teacher more on the issue..
You will be suprised at Child care your child acts different manly copies the other kids! But also I used to take a cup too and found she was not being offered it that much, and I guess they can't let them carry it around all day as once they put it down for sure another kid will come and pick it up and drink out of it! before you know it all the kids have shared his bottle! So that might be why they can't let him carry it around! just an idea!

Laura, SA , Daughter 2.8 yr old!

they cant let all children run around with drink bottles, as they will get put down, and they woudl spend ages trying to find where it was placed. plus the sharing thing.

but if you do want him to have it, they should let him. did you tell the carer he drinks that much? or did you say he just drinks alot?

let us know how you go
well i have worked in daycare centres and have run a day care centre so here is my opinion.
daycare's don't like children walking around with bottles as it can be a safety issue (falling over with it) and a hygiene issue ( sharing bottles) and along with bottles being left everywhere etc. most staff try to encourage children to drink sitting down. i do NOT agree with children only being offered water at meal times ! they should be offered water on a regular basis, and water should be provided when outside aswell wether via a water fountain or a table with a jug and cups the staff can pour.
does your centre have a self help table? this is a table where children can put their drink bottles and access them on their own during the he is 2 and a guessing there should but wether they choose to use one or not is another story.
your child will probably like to drink from big cups as it is also good for his development to learn but if you feel soo stronly have a chat with his caregiver about it...i doubt they will let him walk around with it but perhaps have it in an accessible area for him...and/or offer it to him in between meals.
let me know how it goes.hope this helped a little bit.
all the best

Danni, WA,

hey danni, yeah i will ask them if they offer drinks other then meal times. his old preschool use to have a table with a jug of water and cups always giving out water, i'll have to ask if they do it when they r out side..

thanks ladies for all your input. much appreciated.
hey i worked at a kindy too and i agree wit the onther lady but at my kindy we had a table with a jug and water after each meal they were encouraged to swish and sweel the water in the mouth but they were ALWAYS allowed access to the drink bottles in the fridge whenever the felt like a drink and when we went outside we would put all drink bottles in a box and that would sit outside and we had bubblers too u dont know he may be so occupied with playing that he just isnt needing that much water and it was just a compforter

hey, thanks for replying, tuesday that just went i spoke to his teacher and before i got to sort of ask about it she said "oh he had his bottle of water at sleep time and he loves the water cooler out side thats why he always comes come in a different shirt" (i packed as a spare)
he loves the water cooler they keep out side to drink and get all over his close which answer another question i had which was going to be why does he come home in his spare shirt.. little terror!
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