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Your Toddler's Growth and Development


tantrums outside the home

I have a three year old foster son with some kind of developmental delay (possibly autism spectru...

4 replies

Thanks Louise, I'll look at trying some of those things. You're a special ed teacher, have you ever used PECS (picture exchange com...


hates day care/pre school

hi, when i was pregnant with my second child every one advised me to put my 2 year old into day c...

5 replies

Hello LOU I can otally relate to you. I had the same problem with my 2.5 year old, i decide to put him into kindy a couple of month...

tahlias mum


It seems as though my 10mth old loittle girl has been getting her first teeth for ages.One bottom...

2 replies

Thankyou! I have actually heard that same info only a couple of days ago,and tried it. I definatley think it has helped the first ...


Late Walker

Hi, I am a a new mommy. Well have been for the last 15 months to a beautiful babygirl. She's v...

4 replies

Hi, my daughter is 16 months and has just started walking this week. I was worried aswell but I know she's healthy. Just follow your...



Hello i was just wondering when kids are suppose to start preschool?

4 replies

My son is now just turned one. I had him in pre-school when he was 5mths old because I went back to work full time. He absolutely l...


Over fussiness

My 2 year old daughter is so fussy over stupid things like whether a bit of paper is hanging out ...

1 reply

I think it is normal as she is thinking that you will do everything for her to try and get her out of it i know it will be pain but ...

Louise K

The 'weight gain' saga for my toddler.

My son weighed 3660 g born and gained weight very steadily. At 7 months he was 10 kg! Then at ...

1 reply

Hi Lousie, My 2 yr old weighed 3.88Kg at birth and stayed consistently the same height above the graph until she started to crawl at...