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Your Toddler's Growth and Development

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How to predict your child's height

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melissa & alyssa

Dirt eating and how to stop

Hi my 2 year old daughter just wont stop eating dirt. Ive read that she could be lacking somethin...

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Personally I'd take her to a GP and check for nutritional deficiencies. I've also read it can be due to that (I think iron...


Do you ask your children to do chores around the house?

Asking your kids to help do little jobs around the house can help them to learn important lifeski...

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Your toddler's physical development

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Hi Just wondering if any one else has come across this now that there toddler has most/all of the...

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My boy has missing teeth at the upper from left and right of his front teeth. I went to the dentist in anzac avenue dental and the ...

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What your child is trying to say when they are upset

Tantrums - there is no escape no matter how well prepared you think you are for them. You’re alre...

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How to calculate how tall your child will become as an adult

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wondering what size shoes your 2 and half year old boy wears

Hi all, Just a bit interested to find out what shoe size your 2 and a half year old boy wears? M...

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Thank you for your replies. I know understand why i am buying new shoe sizes every few months! My son is 100cm tall and in soze 10...


Tips for handling the emotional development of your toddler

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Ditching the dummy

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What are you reading to your children at the moment?

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How to build healthy self-confidence in your child

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Your toddler's social development

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Your child's emotional development

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Emotional learning begins at a very young age, as children discover a wide range of emotions, and evolves as they grow and continues...


What you need to know about dealing with toddler tantrums!

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Some kids may have tantrums often, and others have them rarely. Tantrums are a normal part of child development. Tantrums are extrem...


My 30month old is not talking clearly

Hi Mamas, My son is 30months old and is not yet talking clearly. He talks and rambles on but in ...

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If your son has a limited vocabulary according to his age and cannot take imitate the words, a history of ear infection, a family hi...


Big beds & toilet training

Just wondering at what age everyone started toilet training their boys & how/what cues did yo...

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How to build healthy self-esteem

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Little Man''s Mummy

Cries at the drop of a hat

My DS is just over 14 months and has turned into a totally different little boy! Up until he was ...

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I want to be a mother but I most dislike babies when they cries at the drop of a hat.


I can't take it away. ( DUMMY)

Hi Huggies Girls. My boy is 22 months old he goes to day care 2 days a week. Going well at day c...

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My daughter was over 3 when I had finally had enough. We had tried a few different things and in the end I ended up cutting the dumm...


Toilet training dramas

I am having a real friggin' nightmare toilet training my 3yr old. I had pressure from my fam...

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Did you know you can get online help with our Huggies Pull Ups School of Toilet Training here:


17th month old not talking

Hi guys I hadn't really thought about it up until recently, when someone in my family said ...

2 replies

Please don't worry for one minute about your 17 month old not talking - really, people should keep their wonderings to themselv...


play groups - te atatu peninsula

Hi all, just wanted to see if anyone is aware of any play groups in te atatu peninsula that are c...

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Finding your toddler's behaviour challenging? Check out these great tips from Helen Reese, Professional Psychologist!

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tip toe walking

Hi, I have a very active and extremely confident gross motor 18 month old boy. He runs not only o...

2 replies

Toe walking is normal in toddlers at this age. In a very small number of cases tip toe walking can be due to underlying causes. Keep...


When did your toddler start kicking balls forward?

When did your toddlers start kicking balls? My 15 month old kicks balls forward. She aims and do...

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How big is your 13 month old?

I just saw the post about 18 month olds and thought that my DS is a giant! He weighed 11.5kgs and...

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Bub was 10 pound 2 ounces by cesarean at birth 5 days late. He is now 23 months old, 90cm and weighs almost 14kg


It's all happening at once.

So I'm a little worried, My son is 22 months old and we want to get him in to a 'big bo...

1 reply

My twins went into big beds at the same time. It was really quite funny at first as they didn't know they could get out. We use...


Mild Autism? Question and advice. Lock

Hi all! My husband and I are thinking that maybe our 3 and a half year old might have a mild form...

10 replies

Thank you for your input JDFSHandT, although I am aware of the many different 'types' of autism, my daughter definitely do...


What age do toddlers understand this first then that

Bit of a random question but I've been trying for the last few months to introduce to my son...

5 replies

I think its a good difference is that my daughter loves going out unless she's excited about something at home..i alway...


not eating much and not growing

Hey guys we took our 15 month old in to the doctors for her needles and check up we found out she...

4 replies

Agree with what the other ladies have said above. My dd is now 2 1/2 and weve have feeding issues / weight gain / growth issues from...


Delayed Speech

So I know dd is behind in regards to speech as her 3 day older cousin speaks in 3 word sentences ...

13 replies

It is true that many toddlers who face speech delay. It may happen due to Hearing loss due to infection or Larynx problem or Learnin...


my baby can read program ??

hi all I purchased the my baby can read dvds for my 2yo son who im concerned about not talking mu...

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Last set of molars

Hi all, My daughter has been having trouble with her molars growing out. Fevers for 2 days then ...

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Mood swings in 4 year old?

My youngest son is 4.5 years old. For the past 2 or 3 months he has been having what seem like ir...

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encourage talent

My son is going to be 2 in a few months time. He keeps surprising me daily on things he learns......

2 replies

Thank you for your replies. Very helpful when hearing a second opinion. Thanks again.


Deleted post

We ended up taking my son (then 2.5) into the doctors for similar stuff. Ours was mainly not talk...

1 reply

If you are concerned enough to post about it on here. Your sister in law should be looking into it. If she had no good advice from h...


14 mth old banging head on floor

Hi All My youngest boy has over the past couple of weeks turned to getting on all fours and smac...

1 reply

Does anything trigger it? Our ds 1 who is 20 months old and does this, and has done for months, when he gets frustrated or doesn&#x...


17 month old has started smacking / hitting others

Help! Our 17 month old up until now has been a lovely, well behaved, happy, placid little boy but...

2 replies

My son gets into this mood where that's what he just want to do too. I've found that any type of 'rough' contact...


Flat Feet/Soft ankle ligaments

Hi mums, Just wanting to know if anyone has experienced the same in their little ones for a hit ...

2 replies

My 6 year old son has recently started using orthotics for flat feet which results from 'stretchy ligaments' the podiatris...