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22 Month Old Not Walking - Getting VERY Worried Rss

I noticed your post Mel so I am happy all is working well and good to see the GP have found out the problem and your little girl will be walking soon. Great to see good docs out there.

Love my Jayden


It seems as though your little girl is up & away now, so I'd just like to say a big congrats! You will be so relieved!

I'll add my little story for you and any other parents in a similar situation ( which is why I also went through and read all your replies!) My DD is 22 months next week, and has only started walking in the last 2 weeks! I was soooo worried also, but now that she's up, she hasn't looked back! It all happened so fast! She has been a bum shuffler too, and our doc's said the same thing, if they don't crawl, they are not in an ideal position to lift themselves off the floor.

She does however have ankles that roll inward, and although our CHN said it is just a balance thing that she will grow out of, I'm now thinking I'd better get her looked at in case she needs orthotics or special boots, as DH needs orthotics for flat feet. So thanks ladies for that suggestion to the original poster.

Lee x

Sarah 3/11/05 & Kade 6/11/07

I was just wondering how you’re daughter is going?
I’m going through the same with my 20mo.
She is pulling up and cruising furniture but as soon as I take her hands to try get her to walk she just drops to her knees.
She was late at sitting up and crawling
We have seen a physio and he’s given me some exercises but basically told me that she will do it when she’s ready.
Paed and OT said there is nothing wrong with her

Worried Mumma
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