My son has been doing this for a very long while and although it annoys me because he’s done it for so long ive gotten used to it because I know that is just the way my son communicates. My son was born with three holes in his heart and went into heart surgery when he was just 3months old. Now he suffers from Global Developmental Delay aka GDD. His Delay is now classed as a disability because of his age But even when he had a dummy he’d spit it out just to do it, i dont know why he is doing it and I don’t know how to make him stop. Feeding him doesn’t stop it and trying to settle him down doesn’t stop it either I have tried everything but i think he does it because he likes the ringing noise you get in your ears from doing things like that. Joseph is six now and im worried this will be a problem in school because unlike me everyone that meets joseph and sees that hes like that doesn’t like Joseph because of his high pitced screaming/ squealing. no one even likes looking after him because of it. I always get compliments from my partner and his parents plus i cant take him out in public places because his squealing is so loud it echos. His squealing/ screaming is so loud and high pitched at times that I worry about him loosing his voice or damaging his ear drums. Of course he doesn’t do it all the time but when he starts he just doesn’t stop and i dont know what i can do to stop him from doing it. Please help?!