Kids actually thrive with minimalism. Here are a few arguments for getting rid of some of your kids' toys (better yet try regifting them or donate them to a charity shop):

1. The less your kid has, the more they will be encouraged to develop their imagination.

If your kid doesn't have the exact shiny new toy that all the other kids have, they will have to imagine more with less. This teaches them innovation and helps their imagination to grow.

2. Having less encourages them to learn about sharing more.

Teaching your kid to share and interact with other kids is super important. Encourage them to share and play with their toys.

3. Conscious consumption

It's good for your child to see you not pander to every demand for a new toy or be influenced by advertising. Teach them to share what they have and to take good care of what they have instead of always just moving on to the next new thing.

4. Less toys = less clutter = less stress for the whole family

Teach your kids to clean up after themselves after they play. The less they have, the less clutter you'll have which will lead to a more relaxed home environment.

5. Fewer toys = more independent play

If kids have fewer toys, they tend to spend longer engaged with what they do have, which helps their focus and concentration.

How do you get rid of old toys? Do you give them to a charity or friends / relatives?