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When did you let your toddler walk at the shops? Lock Rss

Hey everyone.I think pram is really good.With this, we are feeling relax and doing work or going shopping easily.I am also using prem for my 3 years old daughter.It gives me some relaxation.My daughter is so naughty not staying at any place.I also prefer that she was walking and have good habits too.Not relay and depend on one thing.Experience with different things.
This is complicated
hey there, every child is different no doubt, but my almost 3 year old still goes in her pram because she would drive me up the wall out of it. She wants to touch everything, runs away, hides etc and I can't get anything done with her unless she is strapped in. I also used a sling for the baby so I'd have hands free if the toddler needed. Second time around with a different toddler who loved walking; I utilised the older 2 siblings to help by holding hands and again used sling or stroller for the baby. By then the toddler was generally happy to stay with the older kids who I'd coached into setting a good example and to help me. perhaps slowly introduce him to the mall. Perhaps, carry him within and place him down for just a few seconds while he gets comfortable standing and experiencing the difference and then pick him up again and make your way out. I mean just do a quick run through. This will work out for you
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