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Need Ideas to get my 14month old talking... Rss

So i keep being told my son should be speaking by now, he says Mum, brum brum (car) and recognises quite a lot, like i can ask him to find something and he will go off to find it, i talk and point to things as we go about the day.
What else did other people do?
This sounds like my 15 month old - he understands so much and can follow lots of instructions, but his vocabulary consists of ooof ooof (dog), uh oh (something wrong), doo (boo). He says dada/mumma but doesn't use it to call either of us. Everyone always asks about his talking - what words he's saying, etc :S I kinda figure that seeing he understands a LOT, one day it will just click and he'll start saying them himself smile
Dd was the same at 14 months. At 17 months she started to take off and will pick new words up regularly. We don't do anything special, just lots of repetition and chit chat With her.

I wouldn't be too 16 and half month old isn't really saying much she can say mum, dad, (but not on context) brr hi...she sort of makes the same noises when she sees stars (tar) shoes (oosh) cars (da) and in the bath tonight she said "eye" not sure if it was just a fluke. Its only in the last couple of weeks shes been making more sounds, I think she is more interested in developing gross motor skills tbh. But agree keep talking and reading. There's a couple of good websites regarding speech ill see I can find them.

I don't think you've got anything to be worried about at this stage. I think at that age my little one only had a few sounds and words and according to Speech Pathology Australia, that was fine. I've added links to a couple of their flyers that I've found helpful.

Speech development info for 0 to 3 year olds:

Ideas for encouraging speech:

Hope this helps smile
Like everyone else has said, no need to worry. He's absorbing the language at this age and probably understands most of what you are saying to him - he just can't form the words yet. My DS could hardly say a handful of words at this age and didn't really start talking until he turned 2. Now he's nearly 2.5 and I can't shut him up, lol.
I had the same situation with my youngest boy. He just pointed to anything without saying a word untill he was 2,5. A speech therapist said I need to encourage my son to talk more by using any educational tools. New generation consumes information in different way and they require special educational games and apps. As a mother myself, I`ve found that children are not usually all that into toddler apps and don`t want to learn anything. Because of the primitive design and low quality, kids often prefer time wasters like Angry Birds. But I`ve found a way out. My kid simply loved Zebrainy ABC Wonderlands He explored letters effortlessly in the pleasant atmosphere of a fairy story and began to speak very fast:)
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