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Flat Feet/Soft ankle ligaments Lock Rss

Hi mums,

Just wanting to know if anyone has experienced the same in their little ones for a hit of insight.
My daughter will be 2 in October, she started walking at 14mths. She has very flat feet with the smallest of arches, our dr has sent us to just a community physiotherapy which we have to go back to later in the month and they are suggesting orthotics for her shoes. But my concern is I feel Its her ankles that are the problem, she kind of walks on the insides of her feet which has over extended her ligaments and she seems to constantly roll her ankles and falls over. And it seems to be only getting worse the older she is getting and she is starting to get frustrated with herself falling over constantly.
Has anybody else's bubs had anything like this and what was done to help? Im going to see a different dr to get a referral for a paediatrician but just thought id see what others have experienced.

Thanks in advance smile

It might be worth going to see a podiatrist about it. I took DD1 to a podiatrist at about 2 years and again at 4yrs because we had some concerns about her feet (DH has flat feet and uses orthodicts). They looked at her walk/gait as well as her feet and said that she did have a lower than normal arch but also that she had poor muscle tone in her legs which was compounding the issue. They gave me suggestions for activities to do to help with her muscle tone etc and did put some pieces of felt into her sneakers to help support her arch but said they don't recommend orthodicts until they're school aged when they start wearing shoes constantly for extended periods of time. We also took DS to them for the same issue at about 2.5 and had similar observations. The place we went to bulk billed for children under 5.

One thing that the podiatrist said that was reassuring though is that the arch of their feet isn't fully formed until they're much older too, although I can't remember exactly what age ... think it might have been around 5-7 which is another reason they said they didn't recommend orthodicts before school age but I could be off with that.

My 6 year old son has recently started using orthotics for flat feet which results from 'stretchy ligaments' the podiatrist said. He told me that it is good to get started wearing them by the age of 4 because the ligaments will change in response to the orthotics. Once a child reaches about 7 the arch is formed and the ligaments will no longer respond to the orthotics and so they will have the issue for life. So, my advice would be to see a podiatrist sooner rather than later/
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