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Can't take dummy away Rss

Hi. My two yr old has a dummy and she go EVERYWHERE with it. She is starting daycare for two days next yr and I am having trouble taking her dummy away for even 20-25mins. I want her to go to daycare without her dummy and I think she is a bit to old for to now. If screams at night if it drops on the floor or it falls out of her month. What can I do to take away her dummy?

Mum Of 3 Cuties wrote:
The easiest way would probably be cold turkey and have a bad week and be done with it. It does seems harsh but I'm not sure there is any other way. You just need to be prepared to sooth with cuddles and maybe extra bedtime stories and day time distractions. You do need to throw them away so you are tempted to give them back once the decision has been made.

All of my 3 cuties went cold turkey although a lot younger than 2 because I got sick of getting up in the middle of the night to find them smile

Good luck.
thanks. DH and i are starting to lead towards a reward chart for her.

My niece left hers for santa, he came and took the dummies for all the other babies and left her presents - it worked so well when she found one that had been missed she asked her Granny to drive to a firiend's house (who had a baby) so she could give it to the baby hahaha, was very cute.

My niece gave hers to the dummy fairy on her 3rd birthday and the fairies left her a new bike smile All good smile

We've just had the dummy fairy come tonight!! She left DD a pillow pet thing - a purple butterfly one. It's hard, she's still awake and I've been in and out but hopefully it'll be worth it!

My son was 2 when we stopped giving him the dummy. We warned him that santa would take it and leave lots of presents. He didn't ask for it as much as what we thought I too was dreading the tantrums but was pretty pleased it wasn't as bad as we thought.

My friend cut the end of the dummy tiny bit at a time and that reduced her child from liking it as much...that worked well for them.

Good luck smile
Great ideas!! I will have to try these doe. Maybe use the Santa one.

Ds1 is 2 and for the last few months we only allow it for nap and bed time.. So if you don't wanna go cold turkey then slowly work your way to just sleeps.. We still have some tantrums when he is cranky but he has realised that its only for naps!! Good luck.. We won't be doing it anytime soon have just gone cold turkey on his milk bottles lol

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