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At what age could your toddler count to ten? Rss

Hi everyone, Just a quick question at what age was your child able to count to ten without prompting? DD is 22 months and for the last few days out of nowhere she has started counting. She used to repeat after me but now she does it by herself. She can count to 6 no problem at all (most of the time, she has the occasional 2,3,2,3 lol) and she has even gone to 10 about 3 times.

Does that sound about normal? I thought she was doing quite well but according to the mother of a super child(her opinion) dd is behind as her girl could count by 18 months. Anywho I tried to google it but couldn't find an accurate answer!


I'm pretty sure DS was around 2 when he could. DD1 was maybe, 2.5 when she could. DD2 was around 2 as well when she could.

Your girl sounds fine, I really wouldn't worry. smile
Your daughter sounds perfectly normal to me and not behind at all. My son is a few months older than her and sometimes counts randomly too '2,3,2,3' or his favourite '2,4,6,8,10' haha don't know where he got that one from.

The other day in the sandpit I had made a whole lot of little sand castles and of his own accord he smashed each one and counted as he did it right up to 10! I was so surprised. So I made the castles again but then he counted them all randomly like '2,4,6,3,7,9,8' haha. So who knows? I think sometimes they do know more than we give them credit for.

My DD1 is 2 and a half. She counts to 20 and beyond backwards and forwards. However she still misses 4 and 13 fairly frequently. I have no idea why.

I can't really remember age wise with either of my two eldest though I know DS2 was a bit younger though neither of them still get it right 100% of the time.

What I do really remember was being concerned because DS1 often seemed to struggle but then one day we were walking through a carpark where there was a line of motorcycles lined up which he got excited about and started counting them and counted (all 7 of them) perfectly. What I realised after that day was that the more pressure he felt to get it right the more he struggled. That was when I stopped worrying about it!

My daughter could recite the numbers 1-10 by 18 months but I don't think she really knew what she was saying. It wasn't until she was closer to two that she worked out how to actually count. She is two and a half now and can recite the alphabet but again, I dont think that she understands it.

My daughter is 20 months and can count to 10 and read the numbers 1-10 in random order when you jumble up her number blocks and point to the one you want her to say.
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