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My 22 Month Old Doesn't Talk Lock Rss

Every baby and toddler is different. DD is 18 months and can say about 25ish words. Looking back at some of the previous posts they would incline that she is behind. Yet I know an 23 month old boy that says about 5 words and a 16 month old that does nothing but grunts. My friend has a son that is about 21 months and he only says about 10 words.

My GP thinks DD is fine and compared to other kids I ahve mentioned she is not behind. The best thing I think you can do is go and see your GP, only he/she can tell you what they expect. Believe me there are going to be some kids that can say 50 words by the time they are 18 months, but I personanlly don't know any. SO I suggest a trip to the gp. smile

Just wanted to say my girl had no words at all not even mummy or daddy just babble as the poster has mentioned about her toddler and my girl understanding what I was saying was and still is exceptional but no speech
Does he get many ear infections? A friend of mines son was slower in speech development around same age and it turned out he needed gromits put in to open the ear cannal. Worth checking with your doctor, I think it's simple test.


My son is my 3rd child and he is now 28 months old. We have been in speech therapy for some time as all I was getting from him was pointing and grunting. he has hit all milestones in every other area, it was just his speech. he never babbled, but he did start saying mum dad nan bub early on, but now there is nothing. we have now started the sounds with movements as well like plane putt putt plane and putting your arms out like a plane and fly, run around the room, to see if this will encourage him. I have also booked a hearing test for my son, and would suggest this for you as well, you never know, At least it might eliminate a problem if there is one. my older children are girls and the differences i have noticed is that my girls always babbled from an early age as my son never said boo. I don't believe it has anything to do with boys or girls or younger siblings older siblings. My son now babbles and the babbling is like talking as you can hear the different pitches in the babble or the length is different when he is trying to communicate. We are making progress but it is taking its time. Good luck with everything and knowing there is help out there.
My son started walking and climbing at 8months old. At the 12 month check up I was told that his head was too small and we needed to watch his development. He was so inquisitive and responsive at 2 but still did not talk at 2 and 8months. I was soooooo worried. He is now 3.5yrs old. He is so smart, dos mathematics additions already, is reading small books by him self and has stated 4yr old kindygarten at a private school. He talks the other 4yr olds under the table and his range of words are incredible. He was toilet trained day and NIGHT by 2.5 and has never wet the bed, I just get him up at midnight everynight forms quick toilet seen,lol.
I would not be to concerned unless he dos not show recognition or concentration to other things.
Hope this helps, but you will be amazed in the difference in the next 6 months
This is obviously not going to help the original poster (being 6 years later and all), but for anyone else who comes across this question, I found this video that might help.
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