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3 year old and sensitive feelings Lock Rss

Lately my 3 yr old DD has become really sensitive and gets upset at the drop of a hat if she is even slightly told off or if something is not going her way. She gets that upset to the point where she goes into her room, shuts the door, climbs into bed and stays there until she is calm, then comes out a happy girl again! She even says to me sometimes that she is sad and if she is she always mentions she wants to go to bed. Its like her bed is her comfort spot!

Not sure why she is like this and hoping its just because she is more aware of her feelings now that she is getting older??? There has been nothing in her life recently that could have triggered this and our household is generally a happy one, she gets lots of love and attention from both hubby and myself so can't understand why she does this.

Does anyone have any suggestions or have your children experienced similar?
Hi kellybee - I just thought I'd reply and let you know that my DS1 went through something very similar at the same age. He also started biting his fingernails, which even now comes & goes. He's 4 now, and much better with learning to handle his emotions and talk about how he feels rather than cry but it was definately a long road to get there I felt like he was miserable all the time (and with very little reason to be!!) So long as nothing significant has happened recently to cause her change in behaviour Im sure she will grow out of it as she learns to express herself in a wider variety of ways smile
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