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How Tall is/was your 2yr old?? Rss

Definitely tall!! DD1 was 81cm when she turned 2 and is around 95cm at 4 years old. DD2 is even shorter...
Definatly tall.
DS1 was 91cm at 2 years and DS2 is approx 93/94cm tall at 2 years.
We have a tall boy too. People think he's a lot older than he is. I was tall as a child and Mum used to have a lot of trouble with people expecting my mental age to match my height, eg. being expected to learn at a 10 year old level at ballet class when I was only 6. I developed anxiety issues because of it. Mum has had a lot of battles over that during my childhood. I remember people saying to me "move to the back and let the little ones go to the front" and I would think "but I AM a little one!!". I'm fully prepared to make sure that doesn't happen to DS. Just something to be aware of! smile
DD went to the plunket when she was 25 months and was 95cms I hate to think how tall she is at 2 years 7 months

DS Jacob 15/4/03 DD Kaitlyn 16/09/2008

My 2year old is 15 kilos and 93 cm tall. He's a tall boy =)

My son is 2 years old in a month and is going though a growth at the moment and his 90cm and 14kg
my Little?? MISS just turned 2 on the 29th of April.
Our MHN did a 2yo check on the 2nd of May, measurements:
24months 3days Old - 90CM TALL 13.720kg (fully clothed)
I’m 28(in 7days) - 157cm
my younger sister - 147cm
Older sister - 167cm
Our Mum - 149cm
I’m sure my miss will tower over all the women in our family..
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