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Height and weight of your 2 year old :) Rss

N is 2 in 2months and is only a tiny 11kgs but a very tall 90cm. Underweight for his height sad He was 9pound 3 when born.
I had my DD1's health check yesterday, she turned 2 on Monday and she is 86cms and 13.3kgs
DD1 is 27 months and is 11kg and 90cm. She was only tiny at birth (2.65kg & 48cm), then chubba'd up around 9 months and hasnt really put on much weight since but she has grown in height.

By comparison, DD2 (13 months) weighs 13kg and is 78cm. She was a BIG baby at birth though weighing 4.52kg and 55cm.

all children are different - and ur boy is VERY VERY tall - so i would expect him to weigh more!!

my ds was 13kg / 90cm and everyone commented how skinny he was!

my nephew same age was 92cm and 18kg - so both cousins same age but different weights

they are all individuals smile

N is 2 in 2months and is only a tiny 11kgs but a very tall 90cm. Underweight for his height sad He was 9pound 3 when born.

this sounds like my little boy.
he is nearly 2 weighs 10kg and is 85cm tall. he was 8 pound 3 and 53cm at birth!
Hi all

well my DD is 27 months and weighs 15.5 kgs and is 96 cm tall and is in size 9 shoes she is definately not fat but I think she is going to be a "strapping lass" She talks very well too. I sometimes think I even expect too much of her as she seems a lot older than she is.
Sorry for the late posting, but was checking the net to see the 'average' height & weight for a two year old and couldnt find anything. Found this forum and even though its a few months old, least i have some idea on what other people's 2 year olds are weighing.

My little girl had a check up today and she is currently 16.5kgs and 99cms tall. She looks older then a 2 year old and when she opens her mouth and starts talking, people have to ask me if she is really two.

She isnt 'fat' or 'chubby' but just solid. Because she has the height she looks alot older then two. She was 56cm when she was born which was off the scales at the hospital - keeping in mind she was 10 days over.

DS is 19 months and is also very big for his age.

He weighs 16.1 kilos and is 95cm tall.

He was born 8 pounds 8 oz but had already put on another pound at 10 days old - and the rest is history lol.

He isn't fat just solid and tall.

I too get rattled sometimes as other ppl think he's older and treat him as such. He is delayed in his speech too which makes it that much harder - we get comments like 'don't you feel like talking today?' roll eyes
my Daughter is 26months, and weighs 9.8kgs, 86cm tall. She is very little and i also get the comments of "shes tiny isnt she" etc, she was born 8.1 lbs 55cm tall, she is just very slow to gain weight.
I know this is an old post, but my 2 1/2 year old daughter is very big for her age. She's a tall, solid girl and I'm constantly being told from various people that I need to put her on a diet. She is 107 cm tall and 21kg. She looks about 5 years old which is very confusing for a lot of people but frustrating for me as others expect so much more from her - forgetting that she's only two. People can be nasty when others don't fit in to their idea of normal.
My boy is 2 next week and is weighing in at 19 kg and 100cm tall! , he may have grown a bit more in the last couple of months as that was when he was measured, is that normal
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