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MY 16 month constantly screams!!!?? Lock Rss

Hi ladies.....

I have a 16 month DD and I'm about to pull my hair out?! I'm pregnant with #2 and I guess this situation isn't helping me. She has a set of lungs on her and every time I walk away or she doesn't get what she wants she screams so loud it pierces right through my ears. The worst part is when I'm out people have to block there ears or make a stupid comment because it's that loud!! What do I do? I started off by just staying no yelling... that didn't work. I yell at her now and still nothing. I don't and have no intentions of smacking her. I've even tried to ignore her but that doesn't work either!! I'm driving me insane!
My DS is going through a screaming phase now too!!!! Sometimes it's a joyous 'wow, look at how loud I can scream' but at other times it's a frustrated yell.

The only thing that seems to work is asking him what he needs. Usually he will reply 'up' or 'help' and then I praise him for 'using his words'.

Good luck and congrats on the new bub!

My DS was like this too - right at that age. He's 22months now & even though he still has days like that (today was a nightmare!), generally he's a million times better. A lot of it, I believe was frustration. I think their minds are ahead of the rest of them developmentally, so they get really frustrated. I tried to make an effort to get down on DS' level & work out exactly what it was he wanted. Sometimes this worked & sometimes it didn't. Sometimes I still just yelled & screamed back! It did get better though. Sorry I'm not much help sad

Hopefully it's just a stage...however if it doesn't get better, there's an interesting and helpful book I can recommend called 'Read this before your kids drive you crazy: battlefield wisdom for stressed-out parents'. There is a whole chapter on screaming toddlers! I borrowed it from the local library. The gist was that you have to ignore the behaviour, otherwise it gets reinforced.
If you try different things, it wont be consistent. It must be frustrating but if you shout back at her, then you're doing the same thing.

Ignore a bad behaviour as annoying it is, will work eventually. (Most of the time smile)

Good luck!!

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