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Pigeon toed 2yr old? Rss

It has been picked up at my daughters last app with the CHN that her left foot in particular points inwards when she walks, often causing her to trip over. I was not particularly concerned at first because I thought it was just something that would correct itself over time but I have now been referred to a local specialist center and am awaiting an appointment. Has anyone had a similar issue and what have they done or been sent??

I became more worried when a lady in the shops approached DP while he was walking with DD and asked what help he was getting for her. She mentioned that she had the same problem when she was a child.
hello my DD is 2 in Feb and she has this exact same problem. Her left foot turns in and she trips over. I took her to see the child physio and the physio said that it is probably mainly because she is a tummy sleeper and her feet point in when she is sleeping. She said to mkae sure that any shoes DD wears are ones with the full back, not just a strap becasue it gives more support to the foot and also to watch and make sure that they dont 'W' sit, which is where they sit with their bum on the ground and their legs behind them. The Physio said that DD will most likely just grow out of it. HTH and I am sure your DD will be fine smile


WOW! Thanx for getting back to me smile

Its good to know there is someone else who has gone through the same thing!

My DD isn't a tummy sleeper tho, she moves around all the time! Im wondering if its genetic, her auntie had troubles with her knees and feet when she was a child so I might mention that when this referral finally goes through.

I have been buying the more expensive brands of shoes for DD (ones with full support in hope that this will help), we are on a budget tho, so this can be a pain in the bum wink. Good luck with your DD and I hope this all just fixes itself!
lol I am hearing you about the expensive shoes!!! I just had to get DD a pair and the cost me $68!!! Thats more than I spend on shoed for myself!!! haha But I had looked everywhere for a pair of sandals withthe full back and the only ones I could find were from Clarks!! Oh well worth it for her healt!
Has your referal come through yet??
I am hoping to see some improvement in DD soon as she has been in a big girl bed for a little while and generally doesn't tummy sleep too much anymore.... will let you know.
Oh and I would say definately mention it to the physio about your sister, I really don't know if its relevant or not but it cant hurt to tell them! smile Goodluck and keep me posted smile


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