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2yr old with a large belly Rss

Hi just wondering if anyone else has a child whos belly seems to bloat on and off. My little one is quite tall for her age but i cant help but worry that she may be too heavy. I really cant pin point it as she doesnt eat 'junk' ie sweets, chips, soft drinks etc just wholesome food with the odd icecream and choc... but her belly just seems to 'pop'. She has always - since birth never really had good bowel motions. I tell you the sizes of her poos when she was just a baby was heart wrenching but as usual, the docs all say its normal....
Is it worthwhile seeing a specialist to rule out anything? Dont know what to do, everyone says she will grow out of it!!!????
[Edited on 23/11/2009]
Hi if you are worried when you go to your Dr ask.
I have a 20month old. He is a big boy.
I am like you don't get him sweets chips & soft drinks.

My DD is 5 years & 7 months & she has never had soft drinks
or juice. But she does have a choc for a treat at night time.
I do worry about my kids being big when they get older.

Good luck Amanda.

Hi there,
Does she have any tummy pain associated with the bloating?? My neice is now 4, but her mum noticed a tummy bloat from about 2 years old also. It turns out she has coeliac disease & is now on a gluten free diet with much improvement. If you worried, it's definately worthwhile seeing a specialist. Even if it is normal, at least you'll have peace of mind & reassurance. Good luck smile

Thank you for the reply, i know i shouldnt think it but am sure that a thought that may run through certain 'in laws' is geez what is she feeding her!! I know each child is different but i really dont want her to be a big girl. I guess both my husband and i were large too as kids. How are your kids now? Has being more active helped as they have gotten older?
Hey MicahsMummy, thank you for the info. Thats very intersting. Problem is that she has always had the large belly and now it seems that it has become even larger. I thought about the whole white bread scenario etc i only feed her wholemeal, rye, multi etc. Im very lucky that she likes it. I think i will pay a visit to the docs. My mind has never been at ease with her since birth but hey, what do you do. Keep bugging the docs till they pay attention..... Thanks
Hi there!
I just wanted to agree with the gluten intolerance scenario, this bloating sound typical of that sort of thing and it is actually very common, some people go almost their whole lives without knowing.

Our daughter (2.5) has had constipation issues since 6 months old and had reflux before that. I tried her on a completely gluten free diet for 1-2 weeks and the change was amazing (constipation gone, tantrums gone, excessive crying and clinginess gone, bloating mostly gone, I couldn't believe it)! The problem is that GLUTEN is in almost all commercially prepared foods! We buy gluten free pasta, use rice a lot, the rice crackers are great and so is gluten free bread. The thing is, to see if it is truly effective you need to completely remove the gluten from the diet and unless you are cooking all meals at home this can be hard.

Is found in SOOO many foods like grated cheese to stop it caking together, or most yellow coloured processed foods.

Anyway, I highly recommend trying it and there are web sites out there dedicated to helping people find gluten free foods, so google it smile

If you wanna chat just pm me!
BTW often Drs don't help much until children are diagnosed which requires an endoscopy and biopsy which is highly invasive for a 2yr old to go through. We don't have a diagnosis for our daughter because of this but her childcare is very helpful with providing wholesome gluten free meals for her.
My DD is 2.5 and has a "pot belly" i was a bit worried to begin with. she is quite tall (99cms tall). but lately it has seemed to settle down so im not overly worried at this point. but as they say "if in doubt check it out" grin

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