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Movie watching Rss

Hi just curious to find out some feedback in regards to kids watching movies(of course child ones)
My son is 4 and I let him every now and again................Can anyone share their thoughts with me?

That would be great
Movie guilt
H Pooley3
I wouldn't stress too much. My son is 2.5 and has just recently started to have an attention span long enough to watch a movie. If he watches one, it is usually Monsters Inc, Shrek or Shrek 2. He would probably watch them all day every day if we let him, but of course we don't and at 2.5 he is easy to distract and redirect his attention elsewhere on to other activities. So, basically I can see nothing wrong with letting your four year old watch a kiddie movie every now and then. The way I figure it, watching TV/Movies is only a problem if the kids don't or won't do anything else all day as it can lead to obesity etc, but if they are only watching TV/movies in moderation and getting enough exercise and stimulation in other areas, then there's probably no problem.

James' Mum

My kids are always watching tv, i do think it helps them learn, actions and words and things like that, they mostly watch music videos like wiggles and play school but they have some favourite movies too.

also i pick the shows so its ok by me.

I think that if you dont want them watching alot of tv thats your choice and if you let them watch it make sure its something you chose.

They do learn alot from what they see - tip from experience - dont let them watch video hits - a 2 yr old doing a jessica simpson impression not so good!!!! (had to have a secret laugh to myself though!)
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