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whats the average weight for a toodler Rss

does anyone know a site that has the average weight of your child.. DD is nearly 3 and 15 kilos and ds is just over 1 and 10 kgs. i just want to know more for my friend
Hi I dont know the website but I looked in my child health record book and it has the average weights as follows

1 year - 10.5kg
2 years - 12.75kg
3 years - 14.5kg

1 year - 9.5kg
2 years - 12kg
3 years - 14kg

Does that help?
Jada is 4.5 and is 16kg
Seth is 3 and is 15kg
Skye is 17months and is almost 10kg
Do you have a blue book at all? The more recent ones (I think form about 3 years ago onwards?) have the recent data.

DS is 15kg at 16 months, but he also 100cm tall so, the size of an average 3 year old.

It's really more an issue of the child being in proportion rather than the weight on its own. Some children are very light but also very short so, thus, they are in proportion.

I'm afraid I don't know of a site that has it but, I'm sure Google could help you out! Just look for an Australian site and check where and when the data for the chart was found.
That sound quite normal!
My DS is one (tomorrow) and he weighs 11-ish kgs.
My nephew is three and he weighs 15 kgs.

my son is 19 months and weighs 13kilo

WOW looking at those averages Locky is a bit big LOL

He is 21 months old and nearly 15 kilos. He is also around 93 cms tall

Well i have one average and one below!

Lola is 2 and weighs around 11 kgs

Bella is almost 4 and weighs 13kgs! LOL Skinny minny! Didnt get that from me!!!
My DD who will be 4 in 2 weeks weighs just under 14kg and my DS is 18 months old and he weighs 11kg

DD1 is 13.2 kg (3 in a month)
DD2 is 9.8 kg (16 months)
My DD is 2 and 3 months old and is 16kg and 92 cm ..according to the blue book stats, probably a bit heavy but she doesn't look it

your blue book should give best indication - as girls and boys differ - it also goes on proportion as another person said...

my ds tends to fall just below the 50percentile for his weight

he is 20months and weighs 11.8kg
height he is something like 86cm which is on the 75% - so he is slightly leaning towards the tall/thin side

as long as they are in the range on those books they should be fine
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