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Your 12 month olds stats? Rss

Hey not sure if it goes in this section but just wanting to compare your 12 month olds stas or even 13 months etc if you get what i mean.

Connor had his 12 month needles the other day and he is

75cm long and weighs 9.1kg how about all your little ones?

Alot of people say they think he is older or bigger than the average 1 year old but this proves that he is actually below average in weight and slightly below the 50th percentile for height. As for his head not sure of that measurement.

DD is 13 months and weighs 10.92kgs. Im not sure how tall she is but the doc recently told me she has very long limbs for her age.

Karen, DS1 31/8/03, DD 12/3/07, DS2 16/12/09

Hi! My daughter is 11.8kg, 79cm tall and has a head circumfrence of 45cm. My health nurse said she is in the same size range as an 18 month old and she is only just 1. Mind you she was born 9lb 5oz (4.2kg). I believe so long as the height and weight are in proportion to each other there is no need to worry, every child is different.

Ok so going back in my blue book at 12months:

Judd was 11.5kg, 82.5cm tall and 49cm head circ.

Okay I weighed and measured DD last night and at 13 months 1 week she is 8.89kg and around 71cm (she wouldn't stay still so could be a cm bigger or smaller) She was around 8.6kg and 69-70cm at 12 months.
Xavier was 1, 3 days ago and he weighed in at 8.9kg putting him just under the 10th percentile for weight, 73cm long and head 47.9 which is around the 90th. I get told all the time he looks big but it is just his head (lots of brains we say!) but he has a slim body.

Every baby is so incredibly different but supposedly by the time they get to school they seem to even out more - so I am told! I will wait to see for myself.
DS is nearly 14 months now but when I took him for a weigh in and measure 1 week after he turned 1 year he was 77cm and 10.32kg. Not sure what he is now as we are not due for another well child check till he is 15 months but his height measurement was just over 50% for a one year old.
it's amazing how different every baby is. My dd is 12 months on the 1st so i haven't had her weighed yet for that but at 11 months she was 9.7kg & 77 or 78cm long. She seems to weigh around the same or a little more then the babies on here at 12 months or older but EVERYONE tells me how tiny she is. Anyway i'll put her 12 months stats up here when i get them done with her needles next week & see how she is going.

This may sounds silly but i love getting her weighed & seeing how much she has grown. When she puts on big amounts of weight it makes me feel like i'm doing the right thing lol.
My 12 mth old DS is 8.8kg and 78cm.

He is at the bottom of the chart and always has been but I'm over worrying about it now. He eats so much food but he is very active. He started walking at 10mths and hasn't stopped since then. He won't sit still for 5 mins so I think everything he's eating is getting used in the energy department!!
My dd is now 10.2kg & 79cm long. Everyone i talk 2 is still telling me how small she is for her age, Its kinda starting to piss me off. I don't think she is small at all.
I would not worry about ppls saying she is small after all she is bigger weight wise than my 2 year old.

Hey Guys

My Son got his check up yesterday (12m 9d)
Stats are: 79cm, 11.50kg, 49 head.

Going back 30years, Dad was: 78cm, 12.1kg and 52cm head.
Lucky he has a smaller head (thank Mum for that)
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