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unusual curvy/bumpy spine Rss

My 2.5 year old has a rather large curve/bump in her spine when she is sitting or bending over and it is very hard and worries me. I rub soap down her back in the bath and it sticks out so much i can feel the soap bumping over each vertabrae sp? I keep wondering what is wrong!!! As I work I couldn't get her to the doctor and when my husband finishes work, he can so he took her and the doctor said to keep an eye on it because she is too young to diagnos MS! I freaked at that as everyone would when that COULD be an issue in later year :S I am a personal care worker and I have seen the effects. I can't imagine my little girl having ms, it's awful.

So I was wondering if anyone elses toddlers have this curvey spine and if you have been told what it actually is???

My DS is 20 months and has a bone that sticks out just below his mid back. He has had it since birth. At his 6 week check up the Paed said as he gets older and his spine finds the natural curve it will 'disappear'. Our GP said the same. I took him to a Chiro at 8 months and he said he has a bone that it is longer than the others in his spine and shouldn't affect him at all. He did mention spina bifida but nothing has come of that. DS is not walking yet but that is due to lower muscle tone. I find if he sits or lies against hard surfaces the area gets a little red but he hasn't complained. Does it affect your DD's walking or anything?

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Is her back straight when she's standing? I can't see that it would have anything to do with MS (my DH has it, but he's OK). Is it possible that the doctor actually meant kyphosis/rotational scoliosis? Perhaps you can take her back if it's not improving.

Take her top off and ask her to stand facing away from you and have a look at the line of her spine. Is it straight? Or does it still have a hump or a curve? Do both of the heels touch the ground?

Get a second opinion!!
Hey Ali! She didnt walk until she was 15 months. She seems fine. But is very tempremental anyway! I hope things improve for your son.

Someone mentioned something about cant see how it'd be ms. Well I didn't say it was! All i said is that the doc said it is too young to diagnos this. Meaning that just from him saying that of course scared me. Doctors should keep some thoughts in their heads!!

As for standing/walking flat footed, she does but sometimes she walks tippy toes but I am trying to get her out of that!

Hi Amber, I saw this post and wanted to check to see if you have any updates. Seems like my 2.4YO son has exact situation; he started to walk at 15 months, he also walkeded on tip toe although that has been improved compared to last year...thanks
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