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How many words does your 16 month old say? Rss

Hi just wondering how many clear 'actual' words can your 16 month old say? My boy can say @40 clear words (that he understands - knows appropriate time to say), and says many many more in his wonderful conversations that just don't make sense yet ha ha.. Is this average for his age or should he know more?

hey, my ds will be 16 months on the 16th and he has a vocab of about 20 words, i know a fair few bubs around this age and they are all different, one of his little friends is nearly 18 months and all he says is mum and dad.

i wouldnt worry about him, saying 40 words is a fair bit for his age (i think so anyway).

is he an august bub ????

He is a July baby (he is one wk off 17 months old).

Kids really do develop so differently don't they. I mean my boy doesn't even walk on his own yet, yet he runs around the house with his walker ha ha....

Holy Moly, 40 words is great, especially to know them with meaning too.

i have a 14 month old and he says heaps, but he knows and will say at the right time, Mum, Dad, Nan, Cat, Ta, Oh oh, Santa (Dan ta, and Santa is also a xmas tree lol) Car, Truck,, Ta ta, Molly (dog) Shadow (cat), and make fish sounds, woo woof for a dog and Miaowwwwww for a cat. Yum yum and mmm mmm too.

id be pretty happy with the 40 words! lol

Wow 40 words and understanding the meanings is fantastic. I would not be worried at all if I were you

Leigha''s little men smile

40 words is heaps my ds is nearly 17mnths(on the 10th dec) and he only says mum, nana and naana for banana. He says "no" and "dont" all the time! He goes through stages though he used to say cat all the time whenever he saw the cat yet he hasn't said it in over a month. Used to say ta all the time whenever he gave something to you or you gave something to him, hasn't said it in ages. Are there any other toddlers his age that don't say many words?? Should I be worried!!!???
Hi there my son is almost 16 months and he says about 50 words which he knows the meaning to. People often question his age as he is very tall and stocky, talks all the time and can catch a ball etc. Sometimes i wish that he wasn't so advanced as i lost my little "baby" very quickly. You little bubba sounds perfect smile
Posted by: i_love_mi_diago
Are there any other toddlers his age that don't say many words?? Should I be worried!!!???

Hey Lucy, Pumba is a couple of weeks younger than Diago and he does not say that much either - mum (non stop grrr), dad, nan, Pop, Ash, dog, don't, no, kiss (sort of kssssss he-he so cute you have to give him one), ta and sit (ha-ha) oh yeah and shhhhh
He chooses when to say them and sometimes wont repeat a word for weeks after using it non stop, he understands many more than he can say. He is well within developmental range so I would not be to concerned about it at the moment. Maybe ask at your 18 month check if you are still concerned.

Leigha''s little men smile

hi my DS is 17months and im not sure how many words he can say all up but he can say afew ( not 40) like muma, nanna, puppa, ta, turtle, duck, can say 2 when i count in the right spot and the smae with 9 10, car, tata and waves, up, sure,aunt,unc (for uncle) oink, go, and a funny one rapping sound like a in rap music nnk nnk ths he learnt it of my bro who loves to beatbox lol,dog,says broom broom when playing with his car or riding his trike. im sure there r more but i think u get the point... so not 40 but on his way... its amazing wat kids pick up... u say sumthin once and a months later they will just blurt it out lol... im sure havin to watch every word i say lol.

My son is 17 months and hardly says anything. All he says is mum(although rarely), dad, woof. I know that's not many for his age but I also know that alot can happen between now and 2. So many of my friends have boys that hardly said any recognisable words until they turned 2. Yes, that is probably a little late but still well within the norm, especially for boys.

Thanks norrisjd your have really put my mind at ease everyone is saying how there son/daughter was saying so many words and it made me feel like maybe Diago's behind, I know he can say words but he just doesn't really say them the only things he says lately are really "no" and "dont" lol. He is very physical though, I think he's just more interested in climbing and running atm !!
My daughter is 16months and only says, "Dad", "there" and "ta", however she was walking/running and climbing very early!
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