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3yr old behaviour Lock Rss

I need some opinions please our 3yr old DS has in last mth or so turned into a absolute handful, back chatting not doing as he is told grabbing his 1yr old sister around the neck, pushing her over(she is learning to walk atm) geting into things like powder, creams, makeup what ever he can get his hands on tipping them on the carpet tipping them down the drains child saftey locks on cupboards just get broken off by him tried putting things up high but he still manages to get them, he stacks his chairs on top of each other or nappie boxes on top of them,
no matter how much punishing we do nothing seems to be working he gets sent to his bedroom to sit on his pillow so there is no toys around for him to play with he also has a snuggle bear that he carries every where that gets taking off him 4 a whole day sometimes.
This morning has been the worst i think i have had, 1yr old has been keeping me up the last few nights screaming for 3-4hrs teething, & then him carring on like this i just want to curl up in a ball & cry I dont know what else to do HELPPPP ! what do you all do for punishing bad behaviour ?
do i take a deep breath & say he is only 3?
am i over reacting & this is just normal 3yr old stuff
( besides the pushing & kicking his sister that is just plain naughty! )
Hi there,

Boy I really feel for you! Your little boys behaviour is super challenging and it's doubly tricky since you also have your little girl to care for.

Not sure it's helpful, but I (and friends with little boys the same age) did experience a lot of this behaviour around three. Apparently it may have something to do with a testosterone surge around this time....ah the old adage boys will be boys wink

My DS is four now and definitely seems to have turned a corner. Not to say he is now a wee angel but I have definitely noticed that he is much more rational and the back chatting and grabbing is thankfully a sometimes event rather than a reflex action!

I used to ask him to go into his bedroom if he felt he couldn't behave in an acceptable manner. My husband would say this was hardly a punishment because all his toys were there. My theory was that he could go in his room and play and get the grumps out of his system. The real "punishment" was not being around other people and involved in what was going on, which as a social little creature was what he disliked the most. I also told him it's ok to get grumpy/angry/frustrated but that if he felt that way he needed to express this in a more acceptable way (hurting other people is not how we express our emotions). Hitting a pillow, helped my friends little boy and often turned into a bit of a giggle game! There are also blow up clowns etc which can take a bit of a battering which might be useful!

Wishing you lots of luck! Hang in there, it will get better smile
i have discovered with my 2 boys that when they misbehave it is usually bordem.

so i make sure that i get out of the house every day, even if it is just for a wlak around the block.

sometimes when they are being feral, i turn the music up and just be silly and dance and that usually changes their mood. also when one of mine are just really crazy it put them in the bath with sometoys or the shower, water helps calm them down.

also could it be jealousy of his sister? make sure that you spend one on one time with him and get him to be the big brother and help you with her.

other than that a big GOOD LUCK, boys can be handfulls

The day i broke up with normal was the first day of my magical life...

i wouldnt say its only boys, my DD is almost 3 and has just started exhibiting some of this behaviour too. she talks back or pointedly ignores us when we ask her something or tell her to do something, she gets upset very easily esp with her little brother (18months) and often pushes him or hits him with things. mind you hes a little older then your DD and will often hit her back roll eyes so then we get a mini boxing match where both end up crying and trying to climb up on me, then they fight over who gets mummy just keeps going hey?

your not alone i think its normal at this age for them to test these boundaries..but that doesnt make it ok.
in my house i first try reasoning with her, i tell her that NO that is not ok to push your brother, we dont push anyone or they will be hurt. i point out that hes crying because of what SHE did..she often feels bad and says sorry, if the behaviour continues or theyve has several warnings we have time out wall, or i have to simply separate them for a short time with different activities. i will remove a toy thats causing issues after a warning..if you keep fighting over....toy and cant play nice mummy will take it away..and ALWAYS follow thru. i also find DD craves one on one time with more 'challenging' games like make believe games, craft etc things that she wants my guidance with so i make a point of doing this with her when DS has his nap time, ahe craves that stimulation that she cant get when DS is up because he 'messes things up'

hope that gives you a few ideas
Check out the Raising Children Network website - they have some really useful tips and videos on managing challenging behaviour.
thanks ladies its nice to hear im not going crazy and it sounds like an age thing i do try the 1 on 1 when DD is sleeping by going down stairs & playing on his tramp & playing with his trucks & stuff in the garden painting & other fun things he likes doing, when has done something bad like hitting his sister & things like that he gets told he is not allowed to do it & when time out time i sup in his rrom he is asked what does he need to say ( SORRY ) & he needs to explain to me why he was sent to his room & that he shouldnt have doen it etc so he does relize he has done wrong. will definately be checking the website out @Cruxy
Yay, im not alone!!!
My DS turned 3 last week and OMG, he is so so naughty!
He went thru the terrible twos and had his moments, but this week he has just turned so cranky and cheeky!! I do t even know where to start.
We have never had a naughty corner or put him in his room for time out. He hasn't really needed it, but I think we will be starting.
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