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Natural Mozzie repellent Lock Rss

HI was wanting to know if anyone had an recipes for a natural mozzie repellent that doesnt contain baby oil or the like?
My 3yr old DS has skeeters syndrom allergy to mozzie/sandfly salivia & urine.
We have been using skintastic & good old areoguard but his eczema has flared up really bad & now we are entering mozzie season I need to find a natural alternitive

& has any one trie dth the patches or wrist bands for repeling them ?
Check with your local health shop, I have used a natural bug balm and it works great so check ingredients of this brand (not sure if u nz or oz) love the smell of this as well Oh and I know of a girl that used the bracelet ones (though they put them on her foot) and they seemed to work they just put them in a sealed bag when not using apparently this makes them last longer...

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