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kids fold out plush couchs Lock Rss

hey there mummys, smile

i was thinking of buying my little man one of those plush fold out couchs so he has somewhere to sit other then his to small bouncer:)

i got a price of $50 from clarks rubber but im unsure weather i can get it any cheaper. it dosent have to have licensed characters on it.
is $50 the going rate for them?

thanks ladies
K-Mart usually have them for about $23.
I got DDs from kmart for xmas; it was around $25. I didn't get one with licenced characters as i didn't want it to 'date'. I do like that the cover is fully washable (and washes well) and DD loves it!

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wait for the toys sales if you can

You can get them cheaper but the Clark Rubber ones are probably much better quality and last longer. The licenced ones are usually between $25 (on special) and $40. After about 6mths the foam is flat and out of shape!

thank you to everyone that replied smile

i picked one up in kmart for $23! bargain smile
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