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Aldi"s have changed their nappys!! Lock Rss

hey gals smile

went to Aldi supermarket last sat and brought a couple of packets of my sons usual junior size nappies. i thought at the time the packets looked small but i just thought maybe the nappies are more compressed then usual. this morning i opened up one of these packets and much to my dismay the Nappie type has changed!!!! they are thin, crappy, smaller fit, tabs are shorter and i doubt they will go the distance at night now!!! grrrrr... the reason why i brought them in the first place cos of their generous sizing, cost and overall thickness for night time! now i have to shop around AGAIN for a better nappy!

any suggestions? smile

thanks for reading my vent im just so annoyed !
yes I aggree, even though they say they are the same just different packaging. I buy the toddler ones and they have gone a bit thinner, but I must say they are still cheaper then most brands. I use to pay $17 now I pay $14. I think its because dimples nappies are out and they want to remain competetive. I still think they are better. Anything better then snuggles has got my tick.
we've pretty much always bought woolworths select. $25 a box and the quality i thought was pretty similar to the aldi nappies never had any trouble with them through the night even when DD was little
Ive been using the Bambini ones from Priceline as they had them on special for 3 packs (any size) for $39. And so far so good. Very similar to Aldis (older aldis lol) and havent had any problems smile

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