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Getting rid of a comfort toy? Lock Rss

My 2 yr old DD has an "Upsy Daisy" doll which she takes EVERYWHERE with her and its now getting to be beyond the point of obsession. Everything revolves around "Daisy" and if "Daisy" is in the washing machine or goes mission in action then all hell breaks loose. I don't know what age they grow out of having a comfort toy but I would like to try and wean her off it if I can. I know she will sleep without it and has gone a day without it when she accidentally left it at home when at daycare and she coped ok although apparantly kept asking for it. The other thing is that because the toy is constantly with her, it tends to get dirty and very smelly and even after washing it still does not look or smell clean anymore. We have tried buying her a new one but she didn't want anything to do with it! Does anyone have any tips on what I can do?
Hi, I don't have many suggestions and I understand how dirty and ratty these toys can get however she is 2 and most 2 year olds (my DD is 2) may not completely understand why you would want to take her comfort toy from her. We as parents understand however they're too young to completely get it.

With my son, I remember taking him shopping for a toy (he wanted a Hot Wheels car) that he was allowed to take with him out and about and kept his comfort (his Yoshi teddy) in his bed. Every morning when he woke or after his nap we would make him put it in his bed. But I have to say he didn't fully grasp this until atleast 2 and a half. I tried not to make it a huge issue and sometimes it can be very frustrating.

It's normal and part of a toddler to have an obsession with their comfort. She will eventually take to something else, guaranteed smile

Good luck, let us know how things are going

I restrict the use of the comforter to the bed (even though he is sometimes allowed to take it out to the living room if he is a bit sick - but that is very rare). We started to have that rule from 18 months on and he always understood.
Our childcare does not allow comforters during play time, only for the day nap. All kids seem to accept this without issues.

However I suppose the difficult part in your case is the fact that she is now used to taking the comforter everywhere. Perhaps you could in a first step introduce that indoors toys are not allowed out of the house? That would improve the toy's cleanliness...
For the past couple of days I have actually kept "Daisy" for bedtime only and I was quite surprised she has been good about it. I just keep her entertained and distract her with something else if she asks for it. I did have a change of heart and thought I couldn't get rid of it completely that would be too mean!
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