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youngest wants to be toilet trained Lock Rss

Hi, I've been toilet training my oldest boy who's nearly 3, it's going really well, he only has a nappy on at night nw, bt my yonugest nearly 2 is wanting to go toilet too, everyone I've talked to about it's said his to young and I shoud not rush it. But every time I take my oldest to the loo, my youngest wants to go to. I don't no what to do.
I only have one daughter, 2yrs old, and not yet toilet trained. But I believe that if your 2nd is wanting to use the toilet, you shouldn't try to put it off. If you do, he might not want to do it later when you want him to. I don't think 2 is too young if he wants to do it. Besides, all the books and professionals tell us not to push it, wait until the child is ready - so I think you should embrace it and go for it!
i've toilet trained my son and also working in child care for many years have helped many parents with toilet training.
i dont' believe 2 is too young, it's more a question of are they developmentally ready? does your child recognise the feeling of needing to go to the toilet? are they showing interest in toileting and so on. it seems your child is looking up to your eldest and wanting to do the advice is to give it a go, you never want to push a child into toilet training and your child is wanting to go and has an older brother right there to learn from and look up to...brilliant opportunity. keep a sleep nappy on at night and even day can choose to put them in a nappy when you do the shopping etc as well..i did this with my child and explained to him why ( i said there are no toilet at the shops, and he would go before we went). plus it's summer coming so even better and you won't need to worry about rain and gettin the washing done.
your not rushing it when your son is the one asking. The choice is yours but i'd advise you to go with it, he may not suceed but at least he gave it a go and then you can try again at a later time.

Danni, WA,

If he wants to go then let him. How good will it be getting them both trained together and no more nappies.

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